Transfer app to different developer account

I see that is possible to transfert apps to a different developer account:

What is not clear is if both account have to be registered on same name or not. For example if I want to give my app to a different developer with account registered to his name, is it allowed?

yep, there is no problem.

And what name I have to input in this form?

I think my name (origin account) right?

your origin name is filled automatically, isn’t it? assuming that you are logged with your gmail account? (first two fields ‘first name’ ‘last name’)

then you put the developer name where you want to transfer the apps

Yes your are right, if i’m logged in, data is automatically filled. But target developer account name field states “Developer name for YOUR target account”. It looks like that I have to be the owner of target account

I suggest you consult with the google play support first but how do people sell their apps? (not just the code, the whole google play entry)

Also suppose you want to move your furniture and you fill the form and see “your original city” “your target city” does it mean that both cities have to be the same?

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