Making Money with Android

Topspy - cell phone sms, calls, location tracking app

Hey guys,

Want to introduce you to Topspy app and service. It’s available for Android users (iOS/Blackberry, too).
The service was created for those people who worry their kids are getting in a bad company, their spouses are lying to them or maybe employers are not ones to trust. Plus you can always find a stolen phone.

Topspy allows to:
• Keep call logs: Record and view both outgoing and incoming calls with a caller’s/receiver’s contact number, call timing and duration of calls.
• Keep sms logs: Monitor text messages sent and received with a contact number. View text messages that were deleted
• Use GPS location tracker: Our software finds physical location of a phone in real time.
• Monitor web browsing: Check all the websites visited on the device.
• Monitor Facebook, Whatsapp and Vyber messages.
• Record surroundings: Turn your smartphone or tablet into a bug!
• Remotely view calendar and contacts, spy photos and apps installed.

You can try our app for free when you sign up on
Please check the app located on Opera store:

I use Mobile spy. Not bad.