[Tool] Protect android source code from decompiler tools/ reverse engineering tools

Java is a powerful programming language. It’s very popular on the world.
But Java application is very easy to be decompile, so you could lose all your source code

‘Anti Java decompiler. Free’ is the new solution for protecting your source code.
Google store link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tth.JavaProtector
It’s free& easy to use:
[li]- It helps to protects your Java application file (.apk ,.jar,…) from all decompiler/reversing tools,
[/li] by obfuscating, encrypting, faking your original source files (.java files).
[li]- It doesn’t like Proguard. Proguard doesn’t protected your source code files.

to see the effective protection of Anti Java Decompiler,
Please review source ofKitKatSMSFilterOrg Project

You will get all project files and compile, run it by Android Studio
*** Manual Note :
It’s not easy for new guy to use this App.
You should begin with a small java project source and keep all default options.
After a few times , you will understand how the App works.
After that, you can work with a larger project source.