Too many apps in one account

Is it safe to have too many apps in one account. I have some reskinned apps all in only one account, should I look at diversifying? or does it not really matter? Does google frown on too many reskinned apps? Should I try to get another account or stay with the same?

Hard to tell - there are large developers with more than 50 reskinned apps and they are doing great. But as a small developer you need to be more careful - maybe try to make those apps more distinct (so they are not reskins but different apps) instead of using another account.

Awesome, I will try to keep that in mind going forward. I think I might remove some of my apps that aren’t doing too well too.

I made some correct to my post earlier (because I wrote it on a tablet it had some mistakes). I of course recommend making apps more distinct, not maming them. :wink:

welllll - if you have any doubts that some apps might get in trouble (banned) separate ASAP . If you lose one account you will still be making money from the other. if all apps are 100% legal - no worries, put 100+

What’s wrong with a little bit of “maming” ? :slight_smile: