To invest or to NOT?


Today I will be detailing exactly how to market on Android.

1.) When creating applications, remember that if you only publishing to make money and not to get user stuck onto your app then your most likely to fail half way to your journey of making money on Android

2.) When you create applications and games: Think of Google checking your app and seeing if it’s good enough to be listed on the front page of the Google Play Store.
If it’s not then DON’T PUBLISH IT, DON’T BOTHER WASTING TIME ON IT! Your only giving yourself a bad image and also will never get that awesome badge of “Top Developer” that all developers would love to die for!

I literally once had a dream I was on my app on the Google Store and found the blue badge TOP DEVELOPER! I woke up and actually looked at the store to see if I got it but unfortunately no I didn’t. BUT it made me work harder on the UI and user feedback.

3.) To be successful in the future: You must sacrifice some income now from Android. Follow user’s feedback and literally do it! Once everything is done just let it go and see the money flow in. It could take weeks, months or years for your app to ever rise.

4.) When translating your app: Make sure you actually translate with real human people than the Google Translator. (Great news: Google is offering real human professional description translation that’s coming soon. I’d sign up for that for sure.)

OH by the way! Please don’t translate description that doesn’t stand out, Hire a free lancer! (I got a great method for you to make it look great… COMING SOON!)

5.) The biggest mistake for developers is to make money as soon as possible. As I said on no.3) SACRIFICE NOW TO GAIN LATER:
Do not place ads in the beginning of your app as users want to play your game first!
Do not offer them to rate before they start the game.
Do not place ads all over your game

6.) 2nd Biggest mistake for developers: Oh cool I created this cool APP!, it’s not yet done properly but wait I want to publish it now so I can see if it’s good or not! Well from my experience haha that was the worst thing I did. I published a 3D game with no ads/no in-app purchase and crappy graphics… Wait what happened the next after publishing… 20,000 DOWNLOADS DAILY AND INCREASING but I’m getting 1 star more than I’m getting 5 stars. (Hey my app is going to decrease in ranking and also I’m not making revenue!) So finish your project fully before publishing.

7.) What I have now compared to before: I look back in the days and look now. My icons/screenshots/game development everything has changed. I’m getting 5 stars about 90% now compared back 2 years ago.

8.) My description: I have formatted the description and now getting a 70% increase in sales/downloads. I really want to introduce this new method for you guys really soon when I get the whole project done. It should be done by 1 week maximum.

Thank you and good luck!

I really hope you succeed.

Don’t completely agree with everything you said there, but some good points!

Good points but apart from making money it is important to develop an keeping in mind the users. If user likes the game then he/she will install download it more and more and money automatically will flow through it.

Great post.

Im currently on the dillema of your point #6. My game was supposed to be released/finished tomorrow, but it’s not ready yet. While I dont plan to release tomorrow (impossible), my idea was to release before it was ready “to see the response” from the public, but from reading your post I might reconsider that and wait a couple more weeks and release a more polished game.

I totally agree , very good points

That’s the best thing you should do! Wait till everything is perfectly polished and then release.