Tips on How to Rank Apps Higher in Google Play Store

How Are Apps Ranked In Google Play?
No magicians know the correct algorithms used by Google Play store for ranking the apps, but experts tell there are certainly few ranking factors which play the most important role in ranking of your app in App store.
Downloads– The more downloads your app has, the more chances it has of being in the top search results.
Long Installs– For how long your app is kept installed by the user in their mobile is surely a factor which Google consider. .
Uninstalls– Instant uninstallation of the apps after being downloaded or uninstallation of the app after the latest version is released will certainly get your app bad ranking in search results.
App Reviews and Ratings–Apps having more positive reviews and better ratings are given a much higher preference to the apps having lower ratings by users.
Social Links– Apps on the play store are also linked with Google +1 boost are called as recommendation. More the +1’s or recommendation, better it is for the app.

Google Play has more than 2.2 million apps and the numbers keep growing every day. Find out what you can do to rank Android apps Rank Android Apps Higher in Google Play Store.

Optimize Mobile App for Better Store Search
When creating or uploading your app on Google play store you can take care of the following things to optimize mobile app:

Keyword Optimization:
Keywords play a very important role in SEO and so do they in Google Play Store’s ranking algorithm too. Follow these 3 key tips when choosing your keywords:
[li]Look for keyword relevant to your app[/li][li]Choose keywords with lower difficulty scores[/li][li]Choose keywords having highest traffic scores[/li][/ul]

App Title: If your app title has the right keywords related to your app, it increases the chances of getting discovered by users in search. So be sure to use your main keyword in the app title.

Description: Short and Strong should be your policy while giving the description of your app. Describe what your app does. Do add your target keyword 3-4 times in the description. Do remember that first 167 character of your app description becomes the Meta description for search engine.

Importance of Screenshots and Videos
Screenshots of the app and its design are the way a user gets to see what will he get after downloading the app. Uploading high definition screenshots of all sizes will surely increase the chance of a user downloading your app.

Google app store also allows the developer to show video of the app in the details page. With this feature, you can showcase the distinct features your app has and can convince the user to download your app.

Reviews, Ratings, and User experience
The rating of your app is directly related to the search ranking of your app. If your app has a 5-star user rating then you stand a higher chance of being shown in the search result when a user searches for a particular category of app in which your app falls.

Ask the users to leave a feedback and promote your app to get a 5-star rating on the play store. You can also buy app ratings from rating-providers.

Social Factors and Benefits
Google Play store uses +1’s to recommend apps to users among different categories. Having more +1’s recommendation increases your chance of being shown in the search box.

Improve & Update Your App
Another strategy to improve your app’s ranking is to keep improving and updating it on a regular basis.
[li]Remove the bugs regularly, especially when OS upgrades take place.[/li][li]Improve the UI regularly.[/li][li]Take cues from user feedbacks and improve your app.[/li][/ul]

Other Important Factors
There are certain more small factors to optimize a mobile app for google play store and get better search results.
Incoming links- Like SEO for normal sites, more internal link to your app page will help in improved ranking.
Smaller size– Memory is limited in the mobile devices. It is recommended that developers make apps that are small in size and take less space in mobile devices when installed.

If you feel it’s too complicated, you can consult some app store optimzation companies, whcih provide professional ASO services.