Tiny Bee


Download and Play our New Game - Tiny Bee on Google Play for FREE!
Tiny Bee is the Most Adventurous Game on Android, little Bee trying to Fly High with its tiny wings. Help the tiny bee to fly high and as far as possible with its beautiful tiny wings. A simple tap will make the bee to take off into the sky and fly higher. Great physics & controls make this game more exciting and addictive.
***** A simple game with tough challenges, the most delightful and fun game to get addicted. Download Now *****
Experience the fabulous Environment and HD Graphics with unlimited FUN for absolutely FREE! Tiny Bee comes with Excellent Game Play with cool sound. Get ready to face many challenges and obstacles to dodge in the game play. You have to be quick enough though to fly higher and you can share your High Score with your friends to challenge them.
Features of Tiny Bee:
:heavy_check_mark: It’s absolutely FREE with no ads as an option!
:heavy_check_mark: Tiny Bee Adventure
:heavy_check_mark: Fly to the Top
:heavy_check_mark: Fleeting Dynamic Pace
:heavy_check_mark: Lightning Fast Flying Physics
:heavy_check_mark: Amazing game play & cool sound effects
:heavy_check_mark: Compatible with all tabs and mobile devices

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