Time/money/difficulty to develop a simple app ?

Hi all!!!

Two friends and I want to develop an Android/iPhone app that would be quite simple and would be an equivalent to Tinder in terms of features

  • log in via Facebook
  • access to some details of the profile (pics etc)
  • geolocalisation via GPS
  • chat

I have a few questions that have no exact answer but if you can help with rough estimates it would be great :slight_smile:

  1. How expert someone would need to be to be able to develop this app ?
  2. How long would it take ?
  3. If we were to pay someone to do it for us, how much would it cost ?
  4. How about if we want to have it on both Android and iOS ?
  5. Is it difficult to get Facebook to let you use the profile pictures to create the user’s profile into the app ?

Thanks a lot!!!



I take it you’re not a developer? The app you are looking to create is actually not simple at all. Take some time to think about all the little actions it would need to perform. Every click is a piece of code that needs to be written. There are many different use cases that you have not considered. Do not look at it from a user’s perspective.

Secondly if you are looking to create a social media app, you better have a huge marketing budget.

And more to that a back-end is required which is some development and maintenance, if done right it should be very expensive.

Correct. The OP should also keep in mind that he will have to pay a monthly fee for the infrastructure.