Tiles - Colorful Brain Teasers - [Review Exchange]


I would appericiate for a 5 star reveiw for my app Tiles - Colorful Brain Teasers, and i will do the same for your app (give link in description)
I would also be very happy if you let the app stay on your phone for a week, or longer if you like the game, and i will do the same with you!

Thank you alot!

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I’ve rated also 5 Stars and g+ it as Lukas.
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I have rated, reviewed and G+ your application under name “Shikher pandey”. I will keep your app installed for 1 month.
Please do not uninstall my app immediately, otherwise review does not show. The link to my application is


Installed, played rated (5*) and left a glowing review for your Tiles - Brain Teasers Game. Great app and by the way it’s one of my favorite types to play…good luck with it.

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It would be much appreciated if you could use the keywords ‘quiz’ or ‘quiz game’


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