Those who did incentivized marketing - Report your downloads and earnings!

Me first:
new game released in mid-dec
I got 2k installs from ayet-studios 1 month ago, now I got 10k installs, earned $200 via Admob interstitials

let’s share your stories

Did u get 2k installs in a single day or in installments?

one day, installments are less effective

Nothing I can report on so far…
I’ve done my campaign from Ayet-Studios and Chartrule 3 days ago. 1k from each place.
$5.29 bucks so far.
I’ve done installments in Ayet-Studios and I agree, it’s definitely not as effective.

Also, I am extremely upset with Ayet-Studios. I am receiving some effed-up reviews!

I am getting reviews like:

“Testing the app with CashPirate I won some money. Do as I and the CSBBXXBB code starts with 500 credits!”
@lovefromheaven did you get the same? Also, may I ask which country you targeted?

I targeted “good countries” (i.e. euro-austrlian-north american countries) only,
I got one or two comments like this as well, but not a big problem for me

5 usd in 3 days isn’t bad!

got any organics after the chartrule and ayet campaign man?

has anyone here tried app2top and ayetstudios? which is one is more effective and offers higher install rates etc…