This type of customer we should all advoid, the ones who hate ADS

Listen never listen to idiots who complain about ADs in the games and apps. Iam sick of seeing or bending over to people who don’t know what it takes to be a developer. Stop caving in!!

here is a quote from what this idiot said

  1. You don’t learn of get anything productive out of games and apps. They are just for entertainment. Why should I pay you to waste my ****ing time!!

  2. I see the stories online all the time developers making $100,00 to $1 million on apps. Crap that takes a week to make!! I practiced coding in C++
    and master most of the game making concepts in 3 or 4 days. I could make a game like Injustice in a few days but decided its morally wrong to make millions off of people’s stupidity. I rather work hard a make an honest buck then rob people throwing ADs all over the place.

If you can control your anger and you want to read more then go check it out. But if you can’t control yourself then don’t look cause you will loose your shit!!

Stop putting ADs in games and apps just release free damit | Androidmax

I read it and the author sounds so angry - probably had problems doing his homework in time for school the next day, so decided to vent his boiling bile on people who can achieve. If he remains like that his poor heart will give up and send him to an early grave. (I’m only assuming that it is a “he”)

The guy/gal made me laugh when he said he mastered C++ in 3 or 4 days. That guys or gal you can tell doesnt know anything period about programming.