This is my experience with admob after 4 months


I have made my first app e few months ago and I am using admob.

these are my results so far in last 4 months
top banner (always on):
impressions: 53 000 / clicks: 176 / income: 14€

interstitial (recently updated is being shown every 5 minutes, before was shown just onece per user):
impressions: 800 / clicks: 34 / income: 13,60€
but 2 clicks earned almost 10€ from those 13,60€

fillrate is close to 100%, users are from all over the world

after a few slow months my downloads are finally going up so I hope numbers will keep increasing

what do you think about my numbers? OK / good / terrible?

It seems OK. Share your rpm instead, that’s the benchmark for ads performance. Although we can count from your data, but don’t think anyone interested to count and advice you.

rpm for banner is 0,26€
rpm for interstitial is 16,81€

you will soon get banned. Your interstitial implement is not ok. Check admob policy for user experience.

hmmm, I did check admob policy and I think you may be right.
at first I decided that I dont want to have too many adds so I set them to appear after 5 minutes of playing just after player succesfully finishes a riddle. I did not realise that it can be seen as too intrusive.

I changed interstitial placement so that they will only show in “choose lvl” menu and not during actual gameplay

thanx for pointing that out