Thinking ahead! Making a will!

Taking my apps into consideration. I’m thinking if I passed away due to some freak accident. Nobody knows how to maintain my apps but me.

I’m thinking of writing up a will with everything in it. Who my devs are, how to contact them, how to maintain server back end and etc. I’m only 29 but you never know. Anything can happen.

Has anybody else thought about this?

Bump… Nobody huh, only me?

I already did that, but not a will, i just told my wife and my brothers …


That’s nice if they picked up on it that quickly.
I wish it was that simple for me. I need to leave bread crumbs for my people to follow. I got way too much going on.
Dedicated server
Push notifications
Managing back ups
Fan pages
Updating daily content
Managing user database and content
Who to contact when the server goes down.
Easy for me, I’m very computer literate. But I’ll be throwing somebody else underneath the bus.
Maybe it’s just me with too much. But I’m on track to earn 40k this year. I think a little piece of mind is in order. So all is not lost if the worse happens.

Thats a lot of work, ive been doing this for almost 3 years now, i mean with apps, before that and still working with adsense and cpa, thank GOD made enough to support my family.
maybe you should show them how too, or let them watch you what you do from time to time…

That’s awesome!
Yeah, and I still have a day job :-).
If my girl knew how much I made, she would do more shopping lol.
I’m all about separate accounts. :smiley:
My brother doesn’t have the patience.
My girl might take a while to get it all to sync in. But the money might motivate her to learn quicker I’m sure…
Kind of sucks, feels like majority of the money might leave when I do.

I’m 29 as well. Somebody I knew around my age passed away in a car wreck and I was like man. If that was me. All this income would be gone.