There are no quality monetisation solutions like Ogury's!

Just wanted to tell you about my experience with Ogury. They have monetized my apps and I am happy to have entrusted them with this.
First of all, they are the ones offering the highest CPM on the market (15$ CPM). To those may think it is weird I am explaining the reason why it is like it is. The ads Ogury is showing are not like the ones we are used to see. Their ads are super targeted. This is really important for me as I do not want mu users to get annoyed by inappropriate ads. In order to reach this result, Ogury only asks for a group of permissions that is not intrusive: they are not collecting personal info about the users but just the ones useful to understand their profiles. The privacy of the user is as important as his satisfaction.
So, if you want good revenues and an excellent user experience at the same time, then go for Ogury.