The Uncheatable Test

Hi all,

Some of you may already know who we are, but I’m sure many will not. GameBench recently made a bold market entry as the Uncheatable Mobile Benchmark (as seen in our recent coverage with Engadget). So far, the response has been overwhelming, and we are committed to providing a benchmarking tool via our ScoreIT app. That’s where you come in….

We want to know how useful this sort of app would be to game developers. The idea is that you run your new game through the ScoreIT app, which would then produce key metrics as to how the game performs on that particular device. Battery drain, GPU/CPU usage, frame rate and crashes would all be measured. We all know that a decent rating is essential to maximise the number of downloads and Play Sore visibility, so now you can modify the game before it’s released. Finally, we may even be looking to offer a crowd sourced testing service that identifies issues across all the different android devices.

So, what does everyone think? good idea? rubbish idea? all opinions welcome.
For those that are interested in joining the project as beta testers, add your email to the mailing list (links to follow) and we’ll get back to you with more info.

Looking forward to hear your thoughts,

Ali Azeem
Co-Founder, GameBench