The StartApp Holiday Promotion is Here!

Hi all,

I’m happy to announce the new StartApp holiday promotion!!

Open to both current and new StartApp publishers, this promotion will give you a chance to earn up to $25,000 in bonuses or some awesome new gadgets for the holiday season!

After opting-in, you will simply need to integrate a combination of 3, full-page ad units and start tracking your impression numbers to see if you cross one of our 4 tiers during the whole month of December.

You can learn more about this promotion and view the tiers and prizes here

If you have any questions, PM me or email our support team at [email protected]

Good luck!

Cassidy Smith

When I have e.g. 10 apps. In 5 of them I use interstitial, splash and return ads. In next 5 apps I use only splash and interstatials.
Only impressions from apps with 3xfull screen ads counts?

What happens when I didn’t use return ads in app till now and I will start using them now. All impressions counts from return ads as bonus impressions?

Hello vbodzio,

As far as I know, you will only be eligible for the promotion if you integrate the interstitial, splash, and return ad in all of your apps. I will double-check on this for you and let you know as soon as possible.

If you integrate return ads now, the impressions will still count towards your total impressions for the bonus.

If you have any more questions, let me know! Or, feel free to email our support team at [email protected]


Reporting startapp not update today

Integrate your apps with at least three full page ad units including the Splash, Return ad and Interstitial ads.

Terriable promotion :mad:

After opting-in should i again integrate ads to my apps or will this count for the existing apps i already have on StartApp?

Indeed, it is terrible promotion. Too complicated(even official representer don’t know how it exactly works) and we need to integrate all full ads.
Mobilecore have better christmas promotion and they even integrated bonus impression counter in dashboard. In startapp we have to count bonus impressions manually.

yes it’s a terrible promotion and let me say why. First of all and the most important think is that if one have previously banned apps on google play than these apps can’t be changed anymore… or you need to publish them on third app stores with the three interstital incorporated. Second, why they need all of these interstital without letting you decide nothing. For example I have more earnings from native ads than from interstitial and they are less intrusive but they are not counted. And third, this is a horrible copy of Appnext promotion. Startapp is starting to act very strange.


It will count for the apps that you already have


Hey everyone,

Just to follow up on yesterday’s post:

In order to qualify for the bonus you need to integrate the splash ad, return and interstitial with each active app in your account.
Then, if you increase your traffic from November by the tiers mentioned, you can reach the target bonuses!

If you have any more questions, please let me know.

Cassidy Smith