The Right Ways to Ask Users to Review Your App

Why are app reviews necessary?
[li]App reviews can positively or negatively affect important aspects of how people discover apps.
[/li][li]In the App Store, app reviews are taken into account for search results, and top chart rankings. In search results, positive app reviews help an app appear higher in the results.
[/li][li]The reviews were simply too critical to app discovery and downloads to leave up to chance. 95% users prefer to download an app which has much more positive reviews.
[/li][li]88% users trust reviews as much as personal recommendations.
[/li][li]80 percent of consumers have changed their minds about a purchase based solely on the negative reviews they read.

Because of the above, asking for reviews became a commonplace. The vast majority of the app rating asks that I’ve ever seen look a lot like the image on the left — a pop up that interrupts your experience. No one likes your pop up. The following are the right ways to ask your users to review your app.

Incentivize users to review your app
An easy way to get people to review your app is to reward those users who choose to review. People like free stuff, so the probability of someone taking time to review your app will soar if they know they will get something in return.

Run a contest
Another way to increase app reviews is to run a contest on various forums or platforms of social media. You can giveaway goodies like iTunes Gift Card, or you can PayPal the winner. Running the contest requires you to manually manage the entire process but it can help you get much more positive reviews.

Beside ask your users to review your app, you can also buy app reviewsfrom third parties at the first stage when you have little users. Which will not cost your too much, but increase the download rates efficiently.

The most important element for receiving a high proportion of positive reviews is simply creating a great app. Make sure it provides value to its users and the reviews will come.