The Perfect Monetization Solution for Low-Engagement Applications (Google Compliant)

Dear Developers,

As you know, the Android mobile advertising industry is currently changing, so that out-of-the-app ad-units becomes non-Google compliant.

We recognize that this change creates a big problem to a significant sector of applications which are having trouble monetizing in a different way.

Finding a new profitable, long-lasting and Google compliant monetization solution has been our challenge these days, and we are now launching the following monetization solution, specifically designed for this sector, while can also be used by any other application types.

We have developed a stand-alone application, the SmartBar Pro, which enables the user to maximize his Android multitasking capabilities. We provide him with multiple useful capabilities, amongst which is the ability to gain a quick access to the best free app installs offers, customized especially for him.

Following is an image visualizing the SmartBar and the abilities provided by it.
In addition, you can download and experiment with it at:

Our SDK entails an EULA-type ad which will be presented to the user when opening your app, and will encourage and send him to download our app in Google Play.
This monetization solution is based on a life-time revenue sharing model, so that we share with the developers all the revenues generated through the SmartBar.

Why is this monetization solution the best fit for low-engagement applications (e.g., wallpapers, flashlights, launchers, etc.)?

1. Life-time revenue sharing – We will keep making you money even if the user uninstalled your app!

2. This ad-unit is 200% Google compliant – the user actively downloads the app from Google Play.

3. Our testing show that this continuous revenue stream enables developers’ revenues to exceed the standard PPD offered rates, making it highly attractive.
We see an average of $10.6 for 1,000 US downloads and $2.1 for non-US downloads, and growing, depending upon traffic’s quality.

4. An additional revenue stream which doesn’t compete with any other monetization solution you may use – Your user is simply being displayed with one ad once opening your app, and this ad stops being displayed once he installs the Smart-Bar Pro.

Developers from our community can go right ahead and download our SDK from their dashboards. New members can sign-up through our website:

Please contact me with any feedback or question. Would love to hear from you:

Skype: tamar.appgrade
mail: [email protected]

Looking forward to a fruitful cooperation,

Tamar Ayalon-Zur, AppGrade’s COO


“200% compliant”… I really wish Ad Networks would stop with this crap.
We are software developers, not janitors. A percentage value can only be between 0 and 100!!!
The “compliant” stamp means nothing anyway: as countless networks have claimed it, only to later get developers and apps banned.

Are those advertised rates based on 100% EULA acceptance rate?
I am guessing your EULA>Google Play download page setup will generate pretty a low acceptance rate compared with previous solutions using an EULA.
What figures do you have regarding this?

Hey A1ka1inE,

First of all, thank you for your reply.

I would start by apologizing if I offended you in any way, obviously I didn’t mean to disrespect you or your intelligence, rather than approaching you with a friendly and positive note.

While developers from our community had never got banned due to using our ad-units, we recognized the required adjustments in relation to current market trends, in order to enable low-engagement app developers to monetize from their apps, leading us to develop this aforementioned monetization solution.

Google doesn’t allow for out-of-app ad-units which comes bundled to your app in order to deliver ads out of your app.

What we offer is different by nature -

You promote us via an ad that is presented to the user which downloaded your app, offering him do download our stand-alone application, which is in no way bundled to your app, in the standard way - he actively downloads it via Google Play.
Note that in this case, the SDK doesn’t even entail the SmartBar rather than just the ad which directs the user to Google Play.
The very fact that it is a stand-alone application, is what makes this monetization solution 100% Google Compliant, and what enables us to keep generating revenues for you, even if the user uninstalled your app.
All of this comes to say that in no means this is a “compliant stamp”, or lip service.

The rates I was presenting you with are based on the downloads of our Smart-Bar Pro, generated through you, just like when using out-of-app ad-units in the past your revenues were calculated relating to the installs of the out-of-app ad-unit.
In terms of the EULA acceptance rate, you are right, they are lower, but we compensate for it by:

  1. Delivering you a continuous long-lasting revenue stream even if the user uninstalled your app.

  2. Delivering the user a high value and day-to-day use application which attracts him to use it frequently and by that generating higher revenues per user than past out-of-app ad-units had a tendency to generate. Also note that we keep improving it so as to deliver higher conversion rates.

I encourage you to download to SDK from the AppGrade dashboard and see what exactly we are talking about. I’m sure you will immediately see the great benefits which this monetization solution holds.

Best regards,

Tamar, AppGrade’s COO

So one cent for 1 US install? Very low rate.

Hey Nabukodonosor,

Thank you for your reply!

I will start by clarifying that the aforementioned rate isn’t fixed rather than a continuous revenue stream generated via a revenue sharing model, which we see growing further.

However, I welcome you to compare us with the rates offered by other out-of-app monetization solutions. I’m positive that you will find that the rates I’ve presented you with are highly attractive by themselves, and even more when taking under consideration:

  1. Google Compliancy issues

  2. That this monetization solution will keep generating you a life-time revenue stream even if the user uninstalled your app

  3. That this monetization solution eventually acts as an additional revenue stream which doesn’t compete with other monetization solutions you may use.

Feel free to approach me with any additional questions.

Best regards,

Tamar, AppGrade’s COO

In the developer backend, it says that its not yet available. I want to test it out, why not. When is it available?

I don’t know why some companies are using this stupid rule that I need to publish my app first, and THEN to download their SDK and integrate in into my already published app, and then re-publish it. I don’t wanna do that. It’s stupid. I need to integrate and test the SDK BEFORE I publish my app.

good point but most of the developers don’t do the same thing. in my case i publish my new apps first and leave it about a week without ads. if the app performs well(more than 100 downloads) i will integrate ads and release an update. otherwise no point of doing that

Yes, but what about the other half of developers? We don’t have any other choice but to do it your way. You do it because you want to do it that way.

Hey armando,

You are right, we need to update the text in the developer’s backend.

The SDK is available, you can go right ahead and download it.

Contact me if you require any help throughout the process, would be happy to assist:

Skype: tamar.appgrade
mail: [email protected]

Best regards,

Tamar, AppGrade’s COO

Hey Nabukodonosor,

I’m not sure I completely understood your reply, but I will try to answer according to my best understanding.

If my answer doesn’t satisfy you, please PM me and I will try to assist.

The SDK is available within your dashboard, where you can download it and integrate it into your application.

Once doing so, you can test the SDK performance, the same way you test your own application before publishing it -

  1. You can test run it on your own application and decide whether you want to publish it in Google Play
  2. You can integrate it into a simple “Hello World” application and check its performance

But in any case, you don’t need to release it publicly in order to test it.

Our only requirement is for you to upload the applications into which you want to integrate our SDK into the dashboard, so both you and us can monitor their performance on real-time.

Hope my answer satisfied you.

Best regards,

Tamar, AppGrade’s COO

Just an update -

Since launching we received many great feedbacks from developers for delivering a new out-of-app monetization solution that will not get them banned, and for the earnings generated through it.

So if you didn’t get a chance to check it out, the SDK is available for integration within your developers dashboard’s, and if you are not registered members of our community yet, sign-up here:

Please feel free to contact me with any question or need, will be happy to assist:

email: [email protected]
Skype: tamar.appgrade

Best regards,
Tamar, AppGrade’s COO

Add new app.jpg

Hey Nabukodonosor,

If I understand what you are talking about, you refer to the request to “Add your app URL” when uploading a new application to the dashboard (as shown in the enclosed screenshot).

The URL is requested in order to automatically fetch the application’s icon and name, so everything will be presented to you in an organized fashion to track performance within your dashboard.

Of course, if you want to gain access to the SDK installation code and test it on your application before publishing it you can most certainly do it -
Simply write your application’s name instead of its URL and hit the “next” button.

Check out this new monetization solution on your new app, it delivers great results.

Best regards,

Tamar, AppGrade’s COO