The Most Powerful Ways to Promote Your App

When you develop a mobile app, you want to reach out to users. You want them to find and download your app. But how you can finish this goal?
You can promote your app to increase app downloads in these powerful ways.

  1. Using a Blog to Promote Your App
    Blogging costs no money and allows you to create rich content that can significantly boost your app’s online presence. You can increase your app’s visibility while sharing your niche-based knowledge.
  2. Social Media
    Some popular social media are a very useful method of app promotion. You can share your app or every updating in the social media. And this can attract more users’ interest in your app. You can get more app installs.
  3. Optimizing Your App Reviews
    You must get more positive app reviews to make potential users trust your app. Most users will read the reviews before they decide to download an app. You can find some reliable app reviews provider, and they can provide you qualified app reviews.

Right ways can make things easier with less energy and money. You can check it and hope all of you can get more app installs.

It is widely spread situation the app developers are faced with the strong competition in Google Play market and put his hands down because of feeling of total despair.

The apps are launched every day in Store with extra fast speed and publishers are elbow each other to be in front of users’ sight.

There are 2 options to make app stand out and get the desired installs boom: mixing the marketing tools of 1) Store promotion and 2) external promotion.

Store promotion is the actions you take in order to be visible for Store users and get huge traffic in order to be in users’ eye.

The tools which help to reach this are:

  1. [b]incent installs boosting campaig[/b]n. The main driver of traffic generating. Having a lot installs will bring your app to much higher position. You app/game will be on top charts and have a chance to be installed by organically users.

  2. ASO. This is keywords optimization of your app’s title and its description. The principle like SEO - makes your app visible via search result page. It is commonly known that the apps are installed via search and your app need to be listed in result when target user is performing request for your app. Besides ASO service is accompanied by keyword installs campaign and this reinforces the discovarability of your app.

  3. [b]reviews and ratings[/b]. They are affect the ranking algorithm, but in lesser degree than app installs and keywords optimization. They help to build impressive reputation and convince users to download your app.

The external methods are those marketing tool which we use out of Store: SMM, Blogging, Press-releasing, App reviewing on thematic sites - this is very important activity and you can not ignore it in case you want to reach success in app industry.

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ASO tools are a great way to find out the keywords that people search for in the app stores but you can also use google keyword planner, reddit, bing keyword planner etc to get a fair idea about what people usually search.

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Keep Optimizing :slight_smile:

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