The Most Efficient Ways to Make Your App More Discoverable

Based on my experience, the most important part for making your app more discoverable is keywords. Because most people download an app by searching keyword in the app stores, and when searching for an app, users often reference the ranking of the app, because this will be a guide and standard to decide if they are going to download the app. The higher the ranking in the app store is, the easier the number of app downloads increases.

There are two ways to make your app more discoverable with keywords.

One way is increasing the coverage of the keywords. The more keywords your app covers, the more chance your app will get discovered. How to achieve this?
[li]Avoid Repeating Keywords[/li][li]Use digits not words[/li][li]Use Shorter Keywords[/li][li]Wipe off connectors and stop words[/li][/ol]

Besides, we can also buy app reviewswhich with specific keywords.I f your reviews in app stores including some related keywords we didn’t have the chance to fill in the keywords or the description filed, then our app gets more keywords.

The other way is boost the keywords ranking.We can add the most important keywords in your app title, which can increase the keyword ranking by 10.3%. Placing 8~12 keywords in desciption can also incease the keyword ranking.One more efficient way to boost keyword ranking - buying keyword search installs, which can boost app ranking in 810 hours, I highly recommend you make full use of it.

Hope those methods are useful to you.