Making Money with Android

The logic behind variable bid rates for CPC campaigns looks flawed to me.

Have you ever thought that why when you pay less on admob or other networks, you get installs which are worthless? Why?
I mean there are two scenarios, one is you pay for clicks or the other is you pay for installs.
When you pay less for clicks ,the conversion rate is low ( installs are less but clicks are more) or maybe the conversion rate is average but you get installs from shitty country which don’t seem to be active users ?..Why does this happen?

I mean How does the value of my bid influences the end user to install my app? Does that mean that the clicks are coming from bots? And when you pay higher this conversion rate automatically increases.
Why should even the bid rate be variable ?

Now they may give you a reason, that users dont fetch good money from low paying countries like India and hence the return from the countries is low as well. Well if they wouldnt have created a lower bid, these users wouldn’t be fetching these ad companies less money. So the question is, why create a lower bid at all? The logical answer i could think of is so that they can provide installs/clicks which aren’t real.
When the bid is low, the conversion rate is low, how??
How does the value of my bid. influences the end user to try my product or not?

The same logic can be applied on cost per install.

For me If I were to advertise somewhere I would be paying some facebook page or youtube channels where you know how many people will look at your ad.
People end up paying 0.2$ per install on cpi campaigns which don’t get them any traction.
Instead if you create a good ad and pay 200-500$ to some youtube channel with 100,000 to 1 million average views on the videos,it would be a better deal. If your app and ad is good,you can get 20% of the downloads which would be much much better and will be value for the money.

These cpc/cpi campaigns don’t look like as if they are value for money.

Your thoughts on this would be appreciated.

CPC and CPI campaigns have always failed for me. I’ve always found it odd that 10,000 people find my banner interesting enough to click on it and bring up the store page, yet only 10 of those 10,000 people will download the game. I suspect it’s nearly all fake clicks by bots, etc.

I’ve never understood the bid rate either. The user has no idea if clicking your ad costs a penny or a dollar. Why would I ever set it to anything other than the absolute minimum amount?

That said, I wouldn’t bother with a cpc/cpi campaign. You won’t get your money’s worth. I’m still trying to find an advertising campaign that works. I think I’ll give Facebook a shot next. See how that goes.

The best in my opinion is buying ad space some where for a month etc or paying a youtube owner or maybe paying good websites(but good websites wont sell ads)

Facebook campaign failed big time. 10000 clicks, a million impressions. 0 downloads.

Do you have the Facebook sdk properly integrated?
I’m paying like 40 cents an install

My YouTube channel has a little over 51,000 subscribers.
You think people would pay me to promote their apps?
And if so how much should I charge?

Yes people would pay you to promote the app but if your channel isn’t related to Android,
I won’t suggest doing it.
Here is why

People will get bored due to the advertisement and they will start unfollowing you ,if you start doing it a lot,which you will,as it is easy money.
After an year or two,your channel will become worthless.

In my app,i placed of my own app at a specific position which fetched 2000 installs a day.
If i start charging even 0.10$ per install from others,that is 200$ a day which is 6000$ a month.
I have kept it only for my apps.
The reason is ,if i start doing it for others,slowly the response I am getting(2000 installs a day) will slow down ,many people will uninstall the app,
many people won’t take the advertisement seriously(the ad comes at a special place ,normally the ad isn’t there,that’s why people check it out.)
And if i have to advertise my own app,I won’t be able to

I think you are wrong about the CPI model, you are paying directly for results, no fraud in that.

However I found that CPI is not the cheapest, for me CPM is cheapest, but it can be difficult to find the right source of those campaigns.

Before I started Shoutcart | Buy Instagram Shoutouts I ran a few instagram campaigns which turned out to be the best bang for my buck. I think right now, Instagram Shoutouts are the best source of cheap installs for apps and games.

Well I do think it’s fraud,although I feel that yes these instagram and other shout outs you provide are one of the cheapest ways,because by doing so ,the app gets exposure to a lot of audience and if the app or advertisement is good,it will be much cheaper than the CPI or CPM