The importance of optimizing app keywords

Hi friends, as we all know that there are 10 factors have effect on the result of App Store Optimization.
It contains optimize the app title, icon, keywords, screenshot, reviews & rating and so on. Beside app title, the most important factor is keywords. keywords play an important part of app store optimization, today I want to share with you the importance and the ways of optimizing keywords.

Why is the keywords important?

1. Increase App Downloads
Choosing right keywords can make your app be searched easier by target potential users and the increase the app downloads. Keywords optimization is an indispensable step in App Store Optimization, because it will decide whether your app will be noticed by users and whether it will attract more users. Data show that nearly 80% audiences would like to download an app through searching some relevant keywords, so it is very necessary for you to choose right keywords for your app.

2. Boost App Ranking
Adding optimized keywords in your the title and descriptions is very helpful for increasing app downloads. And app downloads is an important element of boosting app store ranking, so app keywords optimization helps to boost your app ranking.

How to do keywords optimization?
1. Add keywords in title - title is the core part of an app, you can add the keywords to increase the exposure rate of your app, and remember put the core keywords in the subtitle.

2. Add keywords in description - this part mainly introduce the function and other details of your app, adding the keywords in description is a good way to increase the search ranking of your app.

3. Choose from reviews - there is a rule that if the words frequently appear in the reviews, you can choose it as keywords.

4. Analyze your competitors - the competitors’ keywords are the precious recourse to create your own keywords, you can make use of the popular keywords among competitors and combine with the actual situation to create the appropriate keywords of your app. Remembering the relevance, competition and localization are the important factors of optimizing keywords.

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