The Greatest Ad Network Never Known

Hi guys, in these days of multiple ad networks all over the place it seems innovation has virtually halted and what we see is simply “more of the same” over and over.

In my opinion, here are some things I require in an ad network in order to get my attention:

(1) Weekly Payment : This is a MUST. It’s ok if you cap it to say $100 minimum, but at least provide this option
(2) Googleplay compliance
(3) A responsive account manager or support
(4) Good ecpm: obviously

Now here’s my question…for you to switch to a new ad network today, what would you consider a requirement ? …in other words what would be thing that will make you say "oh this ad network is different, let me consider trying them out? "

My hope is that one day we can build “The greatest Ad Network” that meets the need of 90% of the developers out there trying to make a living one cent at a time.

There is no 1 “greatest” network and there never will be. Different networks work for different developers (and advertisers) and for different reasons.
The competition in this industry is massive these days and that pushes networks to facilitate the best service they can.
Even if you are down to Earth 100% happy with a network and it meets the 4 points you discussed, you shouldn’t only use them.
If you ran all your traffic through 1 network you would be placing yourself at the mercy of that network’s fate.
If they go bust, you have a big problem. If their eCPMs start getting worse, you have a big problem. etc etc.

Running with different networks allows developers to spread these risks over different entities; giving them security, stability, current market understanding, transparency and also varied payout dates (which a lot of people like).

I use Admob, mobileCore, StartApp and AppNext. I work with a few others too, but currently this is what works for me. These are established networks that try hard to deliver and that’s why I’ve stuck with them.
I know that many others have a similar roster and of course there are many other networks that work well for other developers.

Ive always been a fan of startapp. They have really good support, are very fair (have credited me $100 a couple times because of minor issues I had), are google compliant and strive to remain google compliant, very easy sdk integration, and ecpm isnt bad either (except a couple months back it was horrible for a while, but I think its probably getting better now).

In the past I have used Leadbolt, airpush, admob (Which I would use again but im afraid of them realizing who I am and banning my developer accounts), pontiflex ad leads, appwiz (worst experience ive ever had), and startapp.

They have been the least problematic of any ad network so I stick with them

I think startapp makes payments only monthly, right ? I am surprised they still do not offer a weekly payment option. Or maybe I am wrong though.

Let’s put it this way…What are the things you expect to see in ad Networks that are not provided in the may ad networks out there today ?

Yah thats true startapp only does monthly, but I have used them so long and never had a late payment or incorrect payment that I’m not worried about not getting paid. Monthly is fine with me.

What would I really like to see? More ad networks offering ppd, Higher ecpm, consistent ecpm rates and less all over the board, pay per impression would be cool but I don’t see that as ever being possible. Ability to better target a given topic / demographic and noticeable increase in ecpm when targeted correctly.

the whole ppd model has just been a scam from the get go. They claim ppd, but yet no one really gets the monies promised.
I just wish ad networks came with more innovative monetization options.

Pontiflex has an interesting and different approach. I never found it to pay enough tho.

Hey everyone,

I hope our track record at Airpush will speak for us that we have worked with 1000’s of publishers and paid out millions of dollars over the last couple years.
We do pay our publishers who are earning the requirements on a weekly basis, and we have account managers available to assign to accounts to help with any questions or concerns.
All of our current products are also proven 100% Google Play Compliant.

Check out our demo site with our new 360 banner ads, these are performing 5 times better than traditional banners! 360 Demo | Airpush | Mobile Ads Redefined.



and FYI, pontiflex is no longer really existing…they are now called “Crossboard Mobile”. Looks like they hit some rough patch. I’m not surprised as the sign-up leads thing was really not that successful.

I don’t really understand the meaning of this thread. For me it looks like bashing existing networks.
Why don’t you start your own comapny and build the ‘greatest ad network on earth’ which provides innovative monetisation options and pays us weekly?

Good point. Maybe I would. I just need to hear the voice of the developers and understand what they really want. This way I don’t just become ‘yet another ad network’. So you tell me what you want in an ad network…I’m all ears.

Well, you already pointed it. We need ‘innovative monetisation options’, a responsible service, Google Play compliance and of course an outstanding eCPM.

don’t forget weekly payments;)

Ooooooops. A new network without weekly payments is a no-go. :o

point noted guys…thanks for your great contributions. This will be taken into consideration as we work on our new ad network.

i definitely totally agree with what you said
each ad network has its own advantages and disadvantages.
so, developers should try best to find the more suitable ad network.
Like us, EOMOBI, we are weekly payment, but we are not eCPM, but CPI, the CPI means your app installed, not the ad app installed