The easiest way to get high star app ratings

App ratings play an important role in help increasing app downloads. Imagine yourself as a user, if you’re presented with two apps, one has much more 4/5-star ratings, the other one just have a few 4/5 star ratings, , which are you most likely to choose? Of course, most users choose the one with much more 4/5-star ratings. So app ratings can help increase app downloads.

App ratings also play an important part in the rank algorithm. An app with much more high ratings can help boost app store ranking. 98% of Top 100 apps have at least a 4-star rating average. High ratings were more visible than those with low ratings. With this shift in the algorithm, apps that had a rating of lower than 3 stars has much lower rankings than better rated apps. If your average star rating goes from low to high, then your visibility goes up exponentially.

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