the best and the easiest, the new kind of social commerce app -Whaff

The best money making Android app ever!

Whaff, the newly launched Social Commerce app which helps their own exclusive users to
Make money in the easiest and the funniest ways ever!

With only a simple step of being a Whaff user by only having a Facebook account, Whaff would provide you with variety android apps that you would love to be enjoyed, Yet, Whaff rewards you when you get your apps downloaded via Whaff, and giving you the actual money from the Paypal. There are many fun ways to earn money with Whaff. Not just downloading apps only give out the money, also, you will be asked to do some simple tasks or missions (missions are so easy like click “like” button on the facebook, etc), and when you complete these missions, you also get extra money. One of the great things about Whaff is that you can also get the paid apps in cheaper price by Whaff’s treat for their own exclusive users, and again, to become an exclusive Whaff user is just to log on Whaff with your facebook account.

Whaff stands for WhatAreFriendsFor. As Whaff loves to socialize with all the users from the different countries and regions, Whaff treats their users when they invite their friends by putting an invite code. Yet, not only the person who invites gets the reward, but Whaff rewards both of them by thanking the person who invited their friends and also welcoming the person who is newly became a friend with Whaff.
There are listings of the top users from the Whaff. Some users have earned more than 2000 dollars and you can see this with your own eyes by log on to Whaff with your facebook account. Come and find more about Whaff and soon you will see yourself addicted to Whaff!