The Best Adnetworks that no longer Exist

  1. SendDroid - This was one of the best adnetworks of late 2012 early 2013 was their prime time. Although there eCPM rates were a little low around 25-45 cent ecpm rates, thier opt-out never worked so impressions were high.
    I peaked $5,000 a month before they decided to close down. Chandler Howell was the main guy there.

  2. App-Bucks - This was another good company where I made over $75-120 a day with them back in 2013, When my google play account went down I blasted them to Samsung in 2013 and made 75-120 a day on just Samsung only. My gplay apps still carried me for long time with senddroid notifications, months after suspension was still making 2500 a month from senddroid.

  3. TapContext - These guys were awesome for both google play and 3rd Party appstores, they were comparable to the bundle2 program with super high eCPM rates from subscription based model for cloud storage and antivirus protection that they were advertising, wished they were still around.

  4. Sincestar - This adnetwork only lasted 2 months. was a hummermobi/EOmobi Clone. I was making 45 a day with them when they got shutdown.

  5. Oimobi - This was another Hummermobi clone, I was also making 45 a day with them they only lasted a month before they closed down.

Some Failed Adnetworks

  1. Sell-a-ring

Please give me some input with your experience so we can add to the list.

it should be in offtopic but ok :wink:
senddroid wasn’t good, I knew that fail is future, wordpress as system and dashboard worth $20 via themeforest, single man company
tapcontext - cheaters, they were advertising they antiviruses, displayed to user that your app have a virus and cheated me for $400

Not entirely accurate - SendDroid was owned by TapIt

Tapcontext they have kept some of my revenue…they have only that anti-virus ad …

Let’s not forget the wonderful Mobario and Eskimob. Scam scam scam.

I forgot Appwiz they also owe me some money and I tried a French network starapplication also they have my 80$:)…

And notifymob too!

back in 2012/2013 I had stacked airpush,Leadbolt and Senddroid notifications into all of my apps, yeah senddroid had lower ecpm rates but they had 10x impressions compared to airpush and leadbolt so I ended up making more from them, they still outperformed airpush/leadbolt combined. airpush was only sending 120k impressions a day, leadbolt did 400k impressions a day and senddroid was doing over 1 mil impressions a day on all my apps. 1 mil impressions at 25 cent ecpm rates is a nice hefty $250 a day while airpush and leadbolt combines was maybe doing 150 a day.

Since November 2011, Lifetime Revenue is now up to $576,243.27, Dont ask where the money is because im flat broke now and have nothing to show for it. I guess it all went into food and living expenses. I had stuff but had to sell it all when revenue dropped to continue to pay my bills. If I could get to do it again, I would have saved it all instead of buying shit I didnt need only to sell it later when revenue dropped. Now I am only making $1000 a month ad revenue and now have to work a real job out in the real world so my fantasy living is now over.