the Appflood's payment is late

You read that from me probably - I got second transfer and got no fee, I received full amount.

nice, thanks

Anyone having issues with the data being reported on the network. I do not see the right number of installs for example.

dbest, what do you mean by the wrong number of installs? Could it just be a case of timing? The AppFlood dashboard updates every 24 hours, so they don’t show up right away.

I confirm that I received the payment via wire in Monday morning.
it seem the delayed last week is caused by autumn festival thus delay the usual payment processed on each friday


i received payment by wire yesterday but they took a fee of about 30$

For me it took almost 5 days

yup, that is right,
but I do prefer to get paid like this instead of creepy and horror paypal service. with wire transfer, it will goes directly to your local bank account, safely.

AppFlood doesn’t take any fees from the transfer, but your bank might. Check with them. Paypal also has associated fees.