the Appflood's payment is late

Hi, guys
i used Paypal method to receive money from Appflood.
i submited payment for 1 week ago. But i haven’t received the amount money
are you same me?

Do you know if AppFlood pays by wire transfer also ?
How is the revenue performance of AppFlood compared to Leadbolt HTML AppWall (see below for more details).


My experience with AppFlood - don’t have full info yet because their console is VERY SLOW - reports 1-2 days late

Recent changes at AppFlood - inconsistent behavior (but then ability to change on a dime is good also):

  • on their website they badmouth banner ads, saying eCPM on AppFlood banners is very low. Now they are offering banner ads it seems (perhaps because decided to add admob mediation adapter)

  • recently Appflood released an admob adapter - so you can mediate/show appflood in your admob banner ad space also. However, I think this means you will have to create a new mediation ID and use that in new updates to your app. Why ? Because if you add AppFlood to mediation and those apps already out there (which don’t have AppFlood admob adapter .jar file included) may have issues as code will try to find that .jar file (I don’t know if admob SDK fails “gracefully” in such a situation). If not, then would have to use new mediation IDs

  • AppFlood makes a big deal about it being a “no commission network”. Guess what - this week they issued e-mails saying they are now no longer commission-free. That by itself is not bad - if they can deliver good revenue to developers.

By the way, I’ve been testing Admob Interstitials in my app (replacing Leadbolt HTML AppWall) as an interstitial - and the revenue is about the same either way. If you are already showing admob banner ads, the interstitials may be similar for many locations (where ad inventory is low perhaps). That could reduce interstitial yield (or reinforce it ? if interstitial plays on an already shown banner ad impression on a user ?)

Recently I tested AppFlood in my app - shutting down both Admob Interstitals and Leadbolt HTML AppWall in favor of AppFlood.

The AppFlood interstitials load fairly fast (there is a 1-2 second delay as it loads - this is similar to PlayHaven - whose revenue I have not got around to testing but may soon) - however it is not “instant” (but still not bad) - compared to Admob Interstitials (which can be prefetched and thus display is “instant”) or Leadbolt HTML AppWall (which normally is slow - however I’m using the code I posted on this forum following up David’s original post on showing Leadbolt HTML AppWall - with that code I can prefetch and show Leadbolt ones instantly also).


I noted that the AppFlood Developer Console reports revenue figures 1-2 days LATE. I guess they have to compile the figures or whatever (more complicated reporting on advertisers etc. maybe forcing them to do this ?).

I don’t have revenue figures to report yet.

However, the downside of this SLOWNESS is that one cannot do very fast changes to your ad strategy - every time you have to wait 1-2 days. However, that may not be much worse than Admob etc. - where you are not sure what the time delay is in revenue also (as Admob itself says some revenue maybe from earlier). Perhaps with AppFlood it is accurately reflecting the daily response ?

You should be getting the money any time soon. I think it took about a week for me but no more. Now that there is almost all the revenue in pending balance I can’t even withdraw it. Also got huge drop in earnings last days, did you experience the same?

no, my revenue is pending balance too. so sad:(

I had one wire payment from them - it took 4 days. Now I have pending withdraw (submited 11-09-2013).

What is the revenue like compared to something else ?

I think now that they are starting to take cut out of the revenue it will be comparable to services like Chartboost. Also the money is being added to pending balance and you cant withdraw that. It transfers to actual balance very slowly. Actually my pending balance is growing faster than actual balance so I wonder when I will be able to withdraw those money. They should go away with pending balance now that they are taking a cut.

Any news about the pending withdrawal friend ?
I just start to withdraw from appflood via wire this morning and still in pending status


oh, for 1 week to get money :smiley:

This morning it changed its status to Approved so I will have the transfer probably tomorrow.

I’m sure you will have to wait 3-4 days :slight_smile:

appflood is net60 right?

Thanks for the info guys, glad appflood still paying !

You can withdraw money when you want (unless they are in Pending Balance)

For last few days I had switched interstitial ads completely from Leadbolt HTML AppWall to AppFlood (to see what it’s revenue potential is).

The results suggest (unless AppFlood has a “wait a week and then you will see your revenue jump” type of thing) - from these few days the revenue potential is like 1/5 of Leadbolt I would say.

Anyone have experience with AppFlood revenue getting BETTER over time (which would warrant my continuing with AppFlood for a magical rise in revenue later maybe ?).

eCPM is rather unstable… Maybe this chart will help you in making the decision.

from your experience, what is the ad unit that give higher ecpm with appflood, appwall, interstitial or panel?

I’m afraid I can’t compare them - I use all of them in different places in game and because of new policy update I couldn’t do any comparasion because I want to have startapp as long as I can.

Hi, I’m from AppFlood and I hope I can address a few of the issues mentioned in this thread.

  • Our dashboard data updates every 24 hours. If the dates appear longer ago than that, it is usually a time zone difference. We’re on U.S. Pacific time so possibly if you think of the dates that way the delay will seem less.
  • We have always had banner ads. The blog post in question is just an honest assessment based on our data that for most apps, banners aren’t the best choice compared with our other formats. But if you want to use banners, go for it. It might work well in certain apps.
  • What you describe for the admob plugin is a typical step for admob mediation partners.
  • We have indeed stopped being commission-free, for reasons described in this post. We believe it will allow us to deliver better results. You’ll hear more soon about our planned improvements to the network.
  • You can request your non-pending balance anytime, and we pay out once a week.

Hope that clears some things up.

My own assessment is that:

  • I like the control the AppFlood Developer Console seems to provide

  • I don’t mind if AppFlood charges a commission - but the end result should be profitable for the developer (i.e. eCPMs should be higher - perhaps with more advertisers it will get so)

  • I suspect the eCPM achievable depends on the type you have and if the demographic fits the “I want a new game” type demographic matching AppFlood

  • eCPMs are much lower than what Leadbolt HTML AppWall or Admob Interstitial is able to provide (which routinely reach $1.00 eCPM or sometimes higher) - though this will depend on your app/it’s user demographic etc. My results were lower even than what I was earning from Admob banner ads for the same period - with other ad networks the results should be same or more.

  • There is a 1-2 day delay in availability of stats - this prevents fast tuning of parameters as with everything you have to wait a day or two to see results before you tweak again. However, this maybe misleading since the other ad networks may provide delayed info also - just that it is not apparent that it is delayed (data visible today maybe from 1 or 2 days ago - as Admob suggests for it’s Adsense ads).

i read somewhere that appflood take high fees for wire transfer, is it true?