Testing Multiple Ad networks

Hey guys,

I currently have a few apps using Chartboost but I’m not particularly happy with the CPM on Android so I want to test some different networks.

How do you usually go about utilizing multiple interstitial ad networks, do you simply remove the previous SDK and add a new one, use multiple SDKs and turn the campaigns off when not being used, or use mediation of some kind?


I replace the sdks.

I think you can buy some server(you don’t need some expensive machine, just stable and fast hosting), create .json file for ad networks settings, integrate couple ad networks in your app and switch by getting variables from .json file.

This is the sort of thing I’m after, I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

i see you want to enlarge your income. Maybe you can try to use EOMOBI. It is weekly payment


Ad display: Smart wall out & Push
Price: For users from high value countries: US$60/ 1000 new installs of your App
For users from medium value countries: US$50/ 1000 new installs of your App
For users from low value countries: US$40/ 1000 new installs of your App

As you may noticed above, the word “INSTALL”, means i’ll pay you when the users INSTALLED YOUR APP INTEGRATED WITH OUR SDK, doesn’t like some other ad networks who pay you when the users INSTALLED THE APP DISPLAYED IN THEIR ADVERTISEMENT, by which way you still need to pray that the users will click the ad and install a new app, rather than close the ad screen directly.

Interesting? Is the sdk easy to implement and also what type of ads do you guys have?

can you tell which app stores allow push ads?

except the google play store and amazon, all the others accept push, like samsung, slideme, getjar,1mobile

BTW, if you do not use the app in paly to make money or make so little money, just worrying the account safety, what is the meaning of the app?

if you really worry the play account safety, you can close the push and just open the smartwall

Thanks for your interest

Our sdk is easy to implement and if you do not want to implement by yourself, you can send me the apk and apikey to me, we integrate for you

the ad types are push and smartwall

the steps for your to implement sdk: 1. sign up in our site: Easily Optimize Most of Benefits Incredibly|EOMOBI
2. download the OUT APP SDK
3. ask for the APIKEY
4. integrate the sdk

             or, you can send me your APIKEY AND APK TO ME 

                 SKYPE:  laura.luo69

                 E-MAIL: [email][email protected][/email]

they have a play sdk as well for smartwall ads only inside the app.