Tapjoy incentivised installs - is it legal to install from your own app?

Its illegal to click or (even show your ads) for test purposes on Admob - you need to use test ads.
Is it legal to install applications from tapjoy offerwalls? I can’t find any rule that forbids such activity. Can I integrate tapjoy and earn money by installing applications from their offer wall? Is there any limit or can I switch to full-time application installer and install apps 8 hours a day and earn money?
Well, not that I want to install apps for a living (lol), I’m just curious how it works.
I read http://home.tapjoy.com/info/publisher-guidelines/ and http://home.tapjoy.com/info/legal/# but couldn’t find anything regarding my question.

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All our apps are using tapjot offerwall. It should be okay.

Thanks for the response. I decided to go with this question directly to Tapjoy. After 26 hours I got the answer (quite good result in my opinion). I’ll share it here, maybe someone will find it helpful:

Dilpreet Tung (Tapjoy Partner Support)
Feb 26, 11:11

Hi Pawel,

It is okay for you to download the games from the offer wall as long as you are not spamming it.


Why don’t you ask Google directly?

@shtse8 Why would Google care about me installing Tapjoy apps from Tapjoy offerwall?

Ok, I understand now. I thought you were asking if integrating tapjoy is compliance with google developer policy.