Tapjoy/getjar with app that only has a one-time IAP?

I know a lot of folks use this sort of monetization method when they have several in app purchases. I can see this being very useful for games that require you to purchase coins. But my application only has one in app purchase. The in app purchase I have is to unlock the full version of the app. I figured if I gave my users a way to get my app for free (by downloading other free apps) then I can boost my revenue.

What do you guys think? Anyone have a similar setup and using TapJoy/getjar? Which would be better? I’d love to hear from you. Thanks!

In my experience the conversion rate for IAP via GetJar was very low. I hope to implement Tapjoy soon and expect the conversion to be slightly higher (just from the survey I’ve done with folks - who seem to be more familiar with Tapjoy - and the interface/colors seem to make them more attracted to Tapjoy version).

However, GetJar pays better and is in reality much easier to earn money and is app-only (as opposed to Tapjoy all type of offers).
This is why I liked GetJar - however in practice the SDK is a pain to integrate (compared to Tapjoy which is very easy and clean).

But the blame for low conversion also lies in how you design your app, how you direct users to IAP, and whether it makes sense for the game/app. Also depends on how desirable the features to unlock are …

As with most things on apps - and as we have seen with banner ads/interstitial ads - that there is a COMPETITION issue for user attention. You emphasize banner ads too much - and that seems to hurt interstitial conversion and so on …

On TOP of that you have to add something that directs the user to IAP as an option !

So basically you are dealing with all these messages you WANT the user to be aware of - but they are ALL cannibalistic for each other.

One way many apps have implemented this “make IAP - in your face” is to phrase it as a “reward” - the impact of this SEEMS to solve two issues - one is of the Google restriction that you not prevent user from proceeding in the app (for a free app). Secondly, the act of awarding them coins - not only makes them feel better, and encourages “reengagement” i.e. user returning next day etc., but it also in a non-nuisance way REMINDS the user that IAP exists. So just the fact that you are giving them coins, makes them more comfortable with whole coin-earning aspect of your game. And there is a likelihood that when they go to see if they can use their earned coins to unlock some features, that they may consider to take a “shortcut” (as happens with “whales” in in-app payment via Google Payment) so they can unlock things faster.

The negatives with Tapjoy/GetJar vs. cash payment is that you cannot leverage the “whales” as well - since Tapjoy/GetJar are in effect labor-intensive for the user (they do some work to earn the coins). While for “whales” the whole point is that they have cash (rich parents, mafia kids or whatever) and they want to use that cash to get shortcut (essentially their money allows them to “cheat” over the plebes). That type of dynamic cannot be done with GetJar/Tapjoy - so you cannot charge users $100 (as some whales can wind up doing) - as $100 is about 500 app downloads !! (with GetJar/Tapjoy).