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TapJoy - anybody recently used them for incentivized?

TapJoy - anybody recently used them for incentivized installs for their 0.10$ ?
How many installs can they provide daily ?

I used them a few months ago. I did incentivized installs in Germany for 5 days. For my bid (0.10 USD) they were able to provide around 120 installs/day. The rankings of my app started to improve on 4th day of advertising and I went to #8 in my category, however, a few days after the advertising stopped, the rankings started to fall again. Also, retention rate is around 10%.

My advice is don’t go with TapJoy only. o Tapyjoy (for rankings) and use FB Ads or AdWords to get some real users, not just the ones, who installed your app to get some reward points. They’ll never use it again anyway.

120 installs… so weak… any other feedbacks on tapjoy USA installs ?

if you do this you need to purchase a very large volume on day-1 to get charted and get organic downloads. 100 on 1st day is really really not enough at all, and it’s worse because you prolonged your campaign length instead of having a burst on day-1. That is what I think.