TAPGERINE PREMIUM – Comprehensive Approach to Monetization. Earn More!

Great news for all Unity developers!- [b]TheUnity version of Tapgerine’s SDK[/b]*is now available. Turn your app into a real income stream by integrating our customizable and non-disruptive ad units!

All the features of the original version are supported and powered by Unity engine:

  • Recommended apps*–*create organic offerwalls which generate up to $5 of revenue per install.
  • Rewarded apps*–*reward your users with virtual currency when they install and use applications. Such ads are proven to be one of the most user friendly formats able to improve retention rates and in-app sales.
  • A large number of offers*– select among 2K+ approved campaigns in all geos and verticals.
  • Easy customization*–*change the ad units’ appearance to make it align with your app’s context.
  • Quick integration*–*the ad unit may be instated in less than 10 minutes.

Visit our blog post to find out more about the update.

Meet Webwall - Our Novel Tool For Browser Offerwalls Generation

Today we are happy to announce the*Webwall release. The innovative tool allows displaying organic offerwalls right in the mobile browser.
From now, you don’t have to be a mobile app owner to benefit from the top performing in-app ad format. All you need to start raising your incomes is a website and JS support.

This is how Webwall boosts your revenues:
[li]Generation and implementation processes are a piece of cake so you can start making money in no time.[/li][li]You can set up a specific event to activate an offerwall. [/li][li]You can place the offerwall where you want it to be: add a link to your website or just send it to users.[/li][li]Each generated offerwall may be used multiple times on different websites[/li][li]Backfill mode will help you never miss a cent even if some of your offers become unavailable.[/li][li]The offerwalls look like an integral part of the browser and are non-disruptive[/li][li]Get comprehensive statistics on your offers’ performance[/li][/ul]

Webwall is now available in the SDK section of your Publisher’s account.

See our blog post to learn more - Meet Webwall - Our Novel Tool For Browser Offerwalls Generation | Tapgerine Blog

Casual Connect

Soon enough our team is heading to Kyiv on a special mission – to introduce our new game traffic monetization techniques to developers. Join us at Casual Connect! Let’s enjoy this convergence of innovation and creativity together.

You can earn more by simply chatting. Get up-to-date data about top performing offers with our new Skype ChatBot. Select the best offers, send approval request and boost your income even when you are away from your laptop.

The ChatBot interface is simple and intuitive. It allows you to adjust your requests and get only the offers that match your needs:
[li]General top by conversions
[/li][li]Geo, Platform or traffic type
[/li][li]Payout range
[/li][li]ID number

Learn how to boost your incomes anytime, anywhere with our ChatBot! See the recent blog post.

And feel free to contact your AM if you have any questions.

Hi everyone.

Heroes at War (iPhone) US - Non-incent
Payout: $3

Heroes at War can also become your personal profit heroes. Don’t miss your chance to benefit from our exclusive direct campaign for iOS. PM your account manager for details.

Our account managers
[email protected]
[email protected]

Hi, currently I monetize my app with Epom Apps and I am very satisfied with payments and results.

What do you offer for app developers?

Thank you

Hi, Alex!
We have just released a new version of our own SDK for app developers

It’s done! Tapgerine is officially Verified by TAG (Trustworthy Accountability Group).

Another step on our way to a fraud-free digital environment.

More information you’ll find in our blog.


Affiliate Summit East is just around the corner, let’s schedule a meeting!

Tapgerine Team will be attending #ASE2018 from July 29th through the 31st.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule a meeting with us.

We’re thrilled to announce our recent integration with PEERCLICK

It’s an advanced marketing tracking platform for Media Buying Teams and Agencies. It brings analysis of all your traffic sources together in one convenient place with ANN (artificial neural network) traffic distribution module. PeerClick enables you to work with different kinds of traffic sources, manage advertising campaigns and analyze traffic efficiency, using ONE tool.

Follow the link to find out more about their features: https://peerclick.com/

Mention TAPGERINE_FREE_PROMO when signing up to get a 30-day free trial of their PromoGold account.

Meet us at Casual Connect in Serbia!

Ana Vidovic of Tapgerine is going to represent our team at the Casual Connect in the capital of Serbia — Belgrade. She’s looking forward to meeting up with the current and prospective partners.

So save the date, from the 1st to the 3rd of October, and reach out if you’d like to book a meeting or discuss a partnership.

Feel free to contact Ana!
[email protected]

The Halloween passed long ago, but news still arrives.

We decided to share the creepiest news of October for our latest digest. Dive in:


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What Happened In November?

Bye-bye, November! Winter is here and we are ready to have a look at what happened to the digital world over the past month.End of November is all about Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas gifts preparation.Talking about arrangements and deep groundwork before heading on, the Ultimate Tool Kit for Affiliates could become a great present for your productivity. Read on for a brief advice on how to provide your affiliates with some additional reasons for choosing to promote your product. Also, you can use this article as the outline for your arranged product information checklist.

Negative keywords, title tags, and meta descriptions, word combinations and extensions are all your bread and butter? Then open this edition of Whiteboard Friday, where host Dana DiTomaso explains how SEO specialists can improve their game by taking cues from paid search.Using data responsibly was and still is one of the timeless must-haves. Before the busiest month of the year starts, you have a minute to read an amazing thought-provoking article by Gladys Kong, CEO of UberMedia, an expert in mobile technology and data solutions.In this article, you can find some concerns about the importance of brands ensuring that their consumer data strategies are a top priority. The author’s strong belief is that before data can be applied to business decisions, it must be refined, analyzed and measured against specific business challenges.The responsible use of data can as well reinforce your principles and help your business grow. Video representation is of big assistance here, and we have to know the upcoming changes. YouTube and Facebook are well-known video-giants but have you celebrated the 1st year of LinkedIn videos?

The latest episode of The Social Media Marketing podcast features Goldie Chan, a LinkedIn video expert with a daily show about marketing on LinkedIn. Goldie explains how LinkedIn’s video audience and metrics compare to those on YouTube and Facebook. You’ll also discover tips for creating and optimizing videos in accordance with the LinkedIn algorithm.Moreover, there are short reviews on such products as Clipomatic, Clips and Nception app for iOS, and Rev, which is a browser-based tool.Affiliate marketer and the Chamber of Predictions. Rohan Ayyar from Marketing Strategy gets all the answers of life.Professionals in sales and marketing across four continents answer 5 burning questions that every marketer wonders about. Award-winning experts share their thoughts on the value and future of digital marketing, their predictions and assertions for 2019. In addition, you can find a couple of thought-provoking tips for educating clients who focus on pushing their products vs engaging audiences. On Thanksgivings finishing with a treat is a must. Remember, remember the 22nd of November when Disney’s The Lion King remake was released.A minute and a half teaser aired during the NFL’s traditional Thanksgiving primetime game.Donald Glover as Simba, Beyoncé as Nala, and James Earl Jones reprising his role as Mufasa. Hans Zimmer is also returning to score the film, while Elton John is coming back to rework some of his original compositions.Feels like Back to the Future, doesn’t it? Are you going to cry over little Simba again? Me, definitely.