Tapgage scam $1700

Don’t use Tapgage, you will never get your money :confused:

They owe me $1700. I’ve never been paid…

Yeah Artafan Chandry I think is his name but go check the spelling. I hunted him down on facebook over a year ago and after an arguement he parred with some not all of the money. Go hunt his ass down, not the tapgage page but his personal Facebook page .


I suggest you try Mobvista,we provide weekly payment:)

Thanks, I will try that !

If you have some good info (personnal FB, mails, etc), please pm !

Of course! Use the companies that are decent enough to post on this forum. US companies are going to be the most trustworthy due to laws and regulations.
Ad Mob, Notifymob, and Airpush are all from the US. Some of the Israel based companies are trustworthy as well if they have been around a while like startapp, and mobilecore. Other than that, don’t waste your time.

You can also give us a try with HomeBase.

Please click here to signup.


Sorry to hear your experience with Tapgage. In our time, we have paid our millions of dollars to 1000’s of different publishers. We offer weekly payment if you are using our Bundle 1 or Standard SDK and qualify with the minimum required earnings of $300 (bundle 1) or $600 (standard) a week for 1 month, and then continue with same amount past that. Check out our demo site at Airpush Showcase | Interactive Demo Portal.

PM me to chat further.


Airpush Nick

We pay out all our developers / publishers. We are taking a look into the account. There was some red flags detected on the account and we are investigating it. It’s taking a bit longer then expected. But we are trying our best to come to a conclusion.

PixelPower we did not scam you at all. Our Ad Network failed to provide you the best eCPM possible and I admit that. Sometimes you have try a few ad networks and see which one performs the best for you. We have a minimum threshold which your account did not reach. Which is why we couldn’t pay you out right away. However you were really unprofessional overall. Swearing at all and using very vulgar language at our CEO. We also did pay you out even though you did not hit the threshold. You got all your money from our network. Please don’t lie saying we gave you partial payments. I agree you are upset with our eCPM but if our network was not performing the best on your traffic you could of paused ads anytime. You had full control over it so don’t say we robbed you. You had full control and could of paused it any time.

1st) Ok when I spoke to you nicely , you ignored me. When I spoke vulgar you responded. Next time respond to people when they talk nicely then you don’t need to see the bad side.

  1. You did rob me , I had almost 100,000 impressions and you claimed I only made $12. You ended up paying me $30 after I had to go all over the internet to expose you.

Stop with the lie’s and deceit, this forum is full of smart developers who won’t fall for your non sense. All this time and now you respond, it took a month to come up with lie’s and excuses. Please Don’tcome back here please.

  1. You did not speak to me. You sent a Facebook message and he asked you to email him it was 2:00AM and he responded to you. You started snapping for no reason. From what I recall people are sleeping at 2:00am. If you want I can get a screen shot of the convo with the timing and exact convo for everyone to see. If that helps you.

  2. No one robbed you. You had full control of pausing the SDK from displaying ads. There are many factors involved providing you the best eCPM. Also an Ad Network is not as simple as it seems. They are sophisticated and require a lot of data to perform well. No offence but 100,000 impression is not enough data to optimize the best campaign. Also another big factor are countries your impressions are coming from as well if you have Tier 3 type of traffic you aren’t going to get the highest eCPM.

  3. Also something you may not of realized Andromo had a good chunk of a cut from your revenue. If you were to Integrate our SDK directly into your app without building on Andromo you would of made more revenue.

  4. I’m not lying nor did I come with any excuses. I am sorry was late to join the forum and respond. But its better later than never.


  1. That was after various emails and messages left unanswered. Then I see him bragging about making money at 2 a.m. so I responded by calling him the thief he is.

  2. If you can’t determine what ADs work after 100,000 , you are the worst network. Usually most networks need 20,000 impressions ag most to optimize.

  3. So you were paying off andromo and you admit it. Thank you for exposing how your company operates. So you used my profit to pay them off. Thank you so much for posting that!!

  1. When did you see him bragging about making money at 2:00AM? I don’t think you should twist peoples words around.
  2. Yes we were new at that current time. Well maybe they are. Seems like you have a lot of knowledge how ad networks work. So why keep running till 100,000 Impressions when you could of paused at 20,000 Impressions?
  3. Andromo is a closed app creator platform they can do anything they want. That’s business.
  1. Your right he is always talking about being a,serial entrepreneur.
  2. So your saying no one should use your service , yes your right.
  3. There is no excuse for paying people off and robbing others to do it

Thanks you reveal how your company thinks, thank you.

  1. Being a Serial Entrepreneur does not mean you’re always making money. I know many entrepreneurs who start startups and don’t make money.
  2. Yes I am saying if you aren’t making money with Tapgage you should definitely use another Ad Network that is making you more money. You should always try various ad networks. Every ad network has strengths and weaknesses. Some are better in certain countries while some aren’t. Use Mediations.
  3. So Google Play / Apple takes a cut of what 30% off your in app purchases? While Credit Card Merchants are just 2 to 3% … So they keep like 27% so you going to consider them robbing people as well? It’s business.

Well point number 1 and 2 speak for themselves, your boss brags and you just said not to use tapgage so thats done. There is no excuse for you to bribe one company and then steal from indie developers.

I’m not going to waste any more of your time. I am sure you got some apps to build and market.

Bye bye fuking thief!!

Hum, I’ve missed this interesting conversation :slight_smile:

I’m still waiting for my payment. I agree with Pixelpower, you can’t have answer except if you make bad review…

I’m waiting for my money since more than 6 months. If you really are working on it, you are working very slow :slight_smile:

But actually nobody is even answering now. I think it is the end of this firm. So don’t try tapgage, you’re sure you will never get your money

I still haven’t been paid…

why not switch another network?