TapContext, what's wrong with You ?

Yesterday everything was fine, i was login correctly to my dashboard etc, but today morning, when i tried to login, site says my account is locked without any email, notification or something like that. Also contact with support for help/explain is almost impossible :confused: What’s wrong with You TapContext ? :confused:

Having the same treatment from inMobi right now. Had to fill in a contact form and got a reply days later saying I violated their terms and conditions. I demanded to know the actual reason, which their support said they would have to talk to their internal department about. 9 days later and still nothing.

Networks that treat their customers like this are a total disgrace. We are doing business as much as they are. If we have done something wrong by them we should be contacted so that it can be discussed.
Suddenly locking an active account down without so much as a notice is ridiculous and frankly unacceptable, especially if you have no knowledge of any wrong-doing and significant revenue outstanding.

Maybe someone can give you a skype contact from TapContext?

Yeah, i will try to contact them via Skype, but i hope, support will answer me. It’s really hard to contact with them. Anyway thanks for response A1ka1inE :slight_smile:

Tapcontext net180, inMobi net60. I think this already somehow show their treatment to developers. Getting money from advertisers in advance, and giving them 60/180 days after the end of the month, is really a bad treatment.

It’s really hard to contact with them :frowning:

inmobi has many delays. try avoiding them if you have no patience.

After trying most of the ad networks out there … I think we all know what ad networks to deal with!

I’m not saying that these ad networks are perfect, But at least their support are super fast and they have no delays [ money wise ].

Also add admob. Its perfect for banners. mC and appnext don’t have banners. startapp pays pennies for banners. airpush and admob are at par for banner ads.

I wish both MC and Appnext have banner ads too.

Yea admob is the default banners ad network i will never change it to any other ad network and their always on time [money wise], but their support suck and they did exactly what happen here to me I lost more than $3k and till now I don’t know the reason!

Working on it!!! How I wish it was ready by now… Unfortunately, it’s out if my hands.
Hope to have good news within a month.

@jonathan Glad to hear it :slight_smile: will be waiting eagerly.does appnext support stores other than google play?like mobile9.com, amazon,slideme etc?

Our ads can appear on any APK, doesn’t matter where he was intalled…but we can only send the user to Google Play.

Contacting with TC is still hard, they answer me for mail, but again waiting for answer lasts from Saturday … :confused:

So you mean those ads that appears on app will get navigated to google play store apps alone right?

Exactly. The origin doesn’t matter, only the destination.

Have the same problem with tapcontext. No email , no response .

They wrote:

Thank you for contacting TapContext.
A recent audit resulted in the deactivation of accounts that were violating the TapContext policy.
Please let me know if you have further questions.
Account Manager
[email protected]

Seems TapContext ban all developers and will not pay us

Seems, that they are another sinking boat :confused: