TapContext Payments

TapContext Paid me Massively Early this month, have they gone to net7 instead of Net30? Was supposed to be paid July 31st and I got my payment July 7th instead.

I didn’t get any payment because they are SCAM:D I don’t know if anyone will tell you what you want to hear, because they cheated a lor of devs;)

Yeah I know same with my friend they suspended his for no reason as well and we both share same source code for lwp’s. Guess I was one of lucky few ones, If they suspend me for no reason I will file a lawsuit since they are in the USA I think.

I dont belieave them

Do they still exist?

Yeah but I stopped using them so only make $2 a day with them so payout are like once every 6 months now since you need $250 min payout