Tapcontext> admob?

Can anybody share hows tapcontext? If their paying is real or alittle sarcastic.

A lot of people on here had a bad experience with them.

for me, till now I have never seen a network better than admob. Admob is doing great in my case. Tapcontext : with their net180 payment system, I don’t think that it deserves testing. It is also not respectful getting money from advertisers in advance, and paying to developers with net180

I never tried them because their payment method (lol net180). Also their ads are a little shaddy and annoying. As @Javanshir says, I think Admob is the best choice. The real problem is: how do you guys handle admob account with several developer accounts?

ECPM tapcontext 0.01$, don’t use it

Net180?is that a joke. 6 Months? I don’t see how they can have any developers using them. how are they still in business

never tried them but probably still better than appwiz :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :D, it is hard to be worst than appwiz.

Admob is doing very very good for me average ecpm of 1.10€…from 0.90€ to 1.5€…making me 40€ daily with 1 app that has only 1.8k daily downloads…style of app= install, and unistall.

here interstitials stats for last 7 days:

requestes filled requests fill% clics clic% rpm real rpm earnings
133.273 124.819 99,21% 2.961 2,37% 1,17 € 1,25 € 156,27 €

Banners stat:

requestes filled requests fill% clics clic% rpm real rpm earnings
91.487 91.369 99,89% 1.811 1,98% 0,86 € 0,87 € 79,05 €

@GanjaApps, style of app= install and unistall. :smiley: ))))))

with interstitial I actually have 3-4 euro eCPM, but with banners mine is around 0.05-0.09 :frowning: