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Tap A Dot

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Developer: Matt Kiernan (1st app)

If you’re looking for flashy graphics and complex gameplay, this is not for you. If you are a kid, student, get bored easily, or are an avid line-waiter then this is a great app! Tap A Dot is a quick, simple game that will get you through boredom by tapping dots. Multiple game modes that involve speed & endurance help prevent the game from getting too repetitive. This game allows you to play a round or two fairly quickly. Just be careful and don’t get too enthralled in this or else you might spend hours trying to beat your high score.

Tap A Dot has 2 games modes:

Blackout: Speed-clear the screen! Tap the dots to clear the screen as quickly as possible to record the lowest time. High score is recorded.

Survival: Tap the dots as they randomly appear on the screen and before the timer runs out. Miss one dot and it’s game over. It gets increasingly difficult as your score increases, ranging from a possible 12 spots to appear and up to 7 dots to tap on the screen at one time. High score is recorded.

This game is simple, doesn’t take much brainpower to play and it’s a relatively quick game - perfect to play while waiting or bored (or procrastinating). I’m planning on an update within a month changing some aspects to make it more user-friendly based on suggestions.

Tap A Dot is a great game to download and play every once in a while. The frustration this can cause can become addicting but still fun. Everyone enjoys a bit of competition amongst his or her friends, family, and coworkers, especially on a game that no one has a clear advantage at playing. After a long day of school, on the bus ride home, brain-dead kids can relax and tap some dots!

I made this app as practice while I was teaching myself how to do iPhone and Android apps. It’s far from the best, but I would still like to spread this to more users. I feel it’s worth a play, but I’m a little biased, naturally.

Much thanks,
Matt Kiernan

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