Take payments from user by not using Google service

We all knew about the last policy update that Google did and it actually ruined my plans. As Google doesnt pay to devs from my country, i was thinking to add to my apps kind of “Donate” button and make apps add-free. SO everyone who wish they can pay to me something, of course without forcing them to do it.
I have found service which supports my country and wich provides a big variety of taking moneys from users. Finally…

BUT according to new Google’s policy I can take money by using only Google service and I cant use any other external services…
Please advice… Can I use other services(non Google) to take payments from users? Maybe I got new Google’s policy wrong…


You were never allowed to use any other payment service then the google one (when using google play).

there are some payment providers which will use google play payment but can fall back to paypal for exmaple when google is not available … I’ve forgot the name …

scoreloop has also something integrated with in-app-purches, you may look at that also.

If you need alternative stores, you can go for slideme, they do not disallow very much

Doesn’t seem to me like Google allows you to go outside of Google Play for payments just because they do not support certain countries. Their terms seem pretty clear that you must use their payment methods only. (I don’t agree with them, obviously, but that is how I interpret them.)

About that I still miss any official statement … what if an app uses google in-app in the first place, but if not available uses a different payment solution … I am pretty sure, google will even not be able to recognize that behaviour xD

Thanks much for replies.

I just want to mention, that here im not talking about in-app purchases or about something which is related to app. It will be just simple “donation”, so everything is unlocked in app.

Here in this forum long time ago (maybe not), I read information about paypal sdk or payoneer (not sure). The main purpose was that we can integrate their sdk and get payments directly to our accounts( i think it was payoneer). To see like this solutions from such a big company, specially designed for mobile… I believe we can use somehow other services…

So what you think?
And if to go direct and put an app with other payment service, what it will cost me? Ban? Can i open other account, in case of being banned? Ideas…

Below we have the part that is of interest of yours [1]. The most important issue is of course: “Developers offering additional content, services or functionality within an application downloaded from Google Play must use Google Play’s payment system as the method of payment”. So it is a matter of a question - does your “donation” (as I understand correctly) can relate with additional:

  • content
  • service
  • functionality
    in your game.
    In my opinion your donation “feature” shouldn’t violate the new Google Play store policies, but one of course can disagree.

App purchases: Developers charging for applications and downloads from Google Play must do so by using Google Play’s payment system.

In-app purchases: Developers offering additional content, services or functionality within an application downloaded from Google Play must use Google Play’s payment system as the method of payment, except:
where payment is primarily for physical goods or services (e.g. buying movie tickets; e.g. buying a publication where the price also includes a hard copy subscription); or
where payment is for digital content or goods that may be consumed outside of the application itself (e.g. buying songs that can be played on other music players)

To rexment.
Thanks for such a good reply. I believe (i want to:) ) that the term of “donation” doesnt go under content,service or functionality. Because, by “donating” users will not unlock any apps feature, or any other functionality, app will still keep working as it was before, so…

Seems the end result depends on Google. From my side i only need to take action…

“Donating for unlocking” is actually “selling something for an undefined price” - so it is against ToS

only “Donating” is allowed - why not. You can still give them something beside the actuall app, like showing some sort of “status” in highscores lists, mentioning them on your website, etc etc

It should also be possible to give them access to additional content which is not delivered by the market … like downloading a savegame or such things.

Rexment. I’m like a T-Rex, love it!:slight_smile:

This is a very important issue to me as well. it will be interesting to find out if PayPal can be used when your app is on Google Play

Yes if some one add donate button, do let me know. One possible solution I have seen very common is release another ad free version of the app and make it name as “<app_name> Donate”