Symbolab: mathematical calculator

Israeli startup team approached us with the idea to create an application on the PhoneGap platform, used to solve mathematical equations. The application was supposed to perform two functions - a semantic search system of mathematical and scientific information and a program for
solving mathematical problems.

Since the system had to handle a large volume of mathematical symbols, it would be unreasonable to use HTML only. We turned to LATEX - a specific markup language that is used to display formulas.
Symbolab is an application on the PhoneGap platform, available both for iOS and Android. It allows you to search for and solve equations, formulas and algebraic expressions, using mathematical symbols, scientific designations and text.
Symbolab provides a step-by-step solution and is suitable for all user levels: from high school to university level. The product is helpful for students, engineers and scientists.

[li]Calculator of equations
[/li][li]Calculator of system equations
[/li][li]Calculator of inequalities
[/li][li]Calculator of integrals
[/li][li]Calculator of derivatives
[/li][li]Calculator of limits
[/li][li]Trigonometric calculator

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