Switching from old AdMob SDK to new AdMob Play Services API?

Has anyone switched from old AdMob SDK to new AdMob Play Services API? Do you see any revenue or ctr boost?

Only drop in active downloads caused by crashes for users of older Android version (my mistake since I forgot to modify AndroidManifest to only allow newer Android versions).

Just switched on one app couple of days ago…nothing noticeable so far, lets see few days more…changed banner to smart_banner.

I actually got more revenue for some days … but this was because I did update of all apps, so users started it :smiley: This also led to a great spike in uninstallations. Some because of added interstitials and some because they’ve just forgotten the game and got reminded to deinstall it i think :smiley:

in the end it was still a lot of work, but there were no big problems with it so far. I also mended an unknown fault which caused one of my games not displaying banners - so I was suprised to see Minesweeper Unlimited being my 4th most played game.

There are still “old” admob requests coming in, amazon has not yet approved some updates (they may be very busy atm because of everyone switching to new sdk). some games only available in gplay has a very low update rate which is not that good actually …