Sweet Jewels - a better version of the candy crush [FREE]

Sweet Jewels is a simple yet very addictive and funny match 3+ candy crush puzzle game with social features powered by the Swarm - a gaming Social-Network.

You can get it from here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=sf.sweetjewels.android


You can see your own and global Leaderboards, get Game-Friends, chat with them and see their high scores, get free cool featured Apps and much more.
You can be awarded with Bronze-, Silver-, Gold- and Platinum-Medals and earn “gold coins” for each of your Achievements. Each month best player with Gold- or Platinum-Medals and most “gold coins” will be honored in Arcade- and Classic-Category.

At the end of the year a player with Platinum-Medal and most “gold coins” will become the World’s Champion and will be announced on our Facebook-Page Redirecting...
It’s highly recommended to login with your Swarm-, Google-, Facebook or Twitter-Account! However, you can play as a Guest too.

How to do “candy crush” in Sweet Jewels:

  • Swap the candies “up-down” or “left-right” and match 3 or more of them in a single line.
  • Blow-up the bricks in the field (Arcade-Mode) by matching the lines and using “special” items!
  • Take care about green time-bar below to accomplish the current level in the given timeframe.


  • Classic-Mode;
  • Arcade-Mode (match lines and clear bricks);
  • “Magic”-candies (special items);
  • Social Features (seel below);
  • Achievements “Bronze-/Silver-/Gold-/Platinum-Medal” (donated with 5, 20, 50 and 100 “Gold-Coins”)

Social Features (powered by Swarm):

  • Leader-Boards (own High-Schores as well as friends and global High-Scores for the Day-, Week-, Month- and All-Time-Period);
  • Achievements;
  • Friends connections and messaging;
  • Featured new games;
  • Swarm-Login or via Google+, Facebook or Twitter with sharing capabilities.

Achievements, Scores & Coins:

  • “Bronze-Medal” - for 5.000 “classic” points or 3 “arcade” levels;
  • “Silver-Medal” - for 20.000 “classic” points or 6 “arcade” levels;
  • “Gold-Medal” - for 50.000 “classic” points or 9 “arcade” levels;
  • “Platinum-Medal” - for 100.000 “classic” points or 12 “arcade” levels;

Coming soon:

  • “Special” items and extra-features
  • Buy the Special" items and extra-features via In-App-Purchase.