SupersonicAds, has anyone used them before?

Hi guys,
I was wondering has anyone use SupersonicAds before and share their experience? Are they any good?


looks like their sdk has problem

Never tried. But after looking their site it seems they have complete solutions.

I saw them at casual connect and i think they’re debuting their mediation solution, but i do not know of any anyone using them.

The SSA can spread viruses is crossing the line. Jagex you obviously need to control the ads. remove the ones that are clearly bogus (the ones that require you to register to their site. and remove any ads that make you download something on your computer.

the ads from the app section seem fine for now. i did an ad that required me to install an app and open it. i was awarded with runecoins about 15 minutes later. although due to the limited amount of adds for your phone i could only do one. please add more of these Jagex.

I didn’t experience with the site you mentioned. All websites are look like legitimate .So it is hard to tell whether it is legit or scam. If you are not sure or have any doubts whether the website can be trusted then exit from the site and take your time to investigate further into the website .To check a site is legit or scam you and rating about the site by the Google search. To check the website is secure use the site you will get more information about the website. Get the “whois” information from to know the administrative contact, technical contact etc.