Super Zombie Pro Run PostMortem , some insight for new developers to android

Super Zombie Pro Run was a game that was really a game/ app. Yes Super Zombie Run Pro had a basic highscore run game but its strength was not the game but a short stories section and free streaming movie’s section. After being downloaded 86 times , the focus was clear when Bulgaria got 60% of the downloads.
That lead to a clear picture of where to target marketing efforts visiting Bulgarian facebook groups and tweeting making sure the include the countries hashtag #Bulgaria #BulgariaGames .After focusing marketing efforts toward Bulgaria Super Zombie Pro Run reached the highest point it would ever reach in its peak Top 100 in the 78th rank of the action chart in which it made $26 in AD revenue the 4 days it stayed on the top 100. While it was short lived the experience definitely helps pave the way towards better marketing in the future.
In hindsight more effort should have been put toward the game itself rather than thinking the full package would be enough. If it hadn’t been rushed Super Zombie Pro Run would have done much better. Thanks to Aye T and Notifymob for helping along the way.

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