Super Sheriff | Cool Base Defence Game | Now Free On Google Play!

Hey everyone,

So, a couple of days ago, I released my first ever app. I’m really a 3D developer but I thought that I’d give 2D a try while taking a bit of a break from my main project. Anyway, I ended up building a base defence game, but it’s not your standard TD!

You take on the role of a workaholic sheriff who refuses to lose the war! You must stand off against an army of attackers who are all determined to make your job hell! But, thanks to a new piece of government legislation, you get bounties for each kill you make, meaning that you can fill your armoury with everything from desert eagles to airstrikes and everything inbetween. You can even call in airstrikes! Good work will earn you promotions, but the higher your rank, the higher the responsibilities! Watch as new types of enemies arrive at your wall.

You can download Super Sheriff now for free! Check it out on Google Play, here:

I kindly ask that you leave a review if you enjoy the game, or even share it with your friends if you especially enjoyed it! Please feel free to leave any bugs, comments or suggestions below. I’m going to be releasing an update on Friday with some bugfixes and improvements, so if you think of a good suggestions, you might see it in the game in the next week or so.