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Hello Everybody
My name is Raphael, I’m from Brazil and I just readed a topic here about the story of a user (bestgamesstudios) and how he is increasing his business. That’s very nice and inspiring for me. I am in a similar stage. I currently have 1 reskin game published in play store and it makes me only a few cents per day (2 - 5 cents). You can check it here :

I’m also working in a second reskin game (I made only reskins, but I really try to make a good job, to make the game unique for the user). My question for you is: what should I do to start having success? How should I market my game, what ad networks should I use? (current my published game uses mostly admob, but it has also RevMob, chartboost and applovin built in). Should I upload my game to other Android stores, or its a waste of time? My goal is to have a revenue that allows me to live just from apps, because everyday regular work is really time consuming. I want to live the life and have fun, while I’m still young. That’s my motivation. Thank you in advance, it’s really good speak to people who have similar objectives (I supose) =)

Very simple, don’t it?

Its in your description, it should be:

Very simple, isn’t it?

Anyway, you need better description with more keywords. You should track your keywords position, with appannie preferably. I think it could be good for your game to submit it to different stores. If you think managing your own business is less time consuming you are wrong. It is the freedom of working when and where you want. Also, I’m not sure if you can make a living off the reskins, but well, I wish you all the best.

How to make money from apps (the marketing part). The strategizing/marketing should start BEFORE you begin making the app, not after

  1. Find a popular type of app which you can copy - make sure it doesn’t have too much competition. Search for it/ it’s keywords on sites such as searchman (free) - is the KEI (amount of apps/traffic) index high?
  2. Scroll down, down, down in the app store - are there similar decent-looking apps which have only 50-100 downloads? If so, go back to #1
  3. Make the actual app - make sure it’s nice. Add many ads on places such as game over,loading,etc - not during the game.
  4. Make sure the screenshots and icons are awesome- compare them with the icons and screenshots of similar apps.
  5. Type the description/name - look at the descriptions/names of similar popular apps and make it similar but not a direct copy. For the name make sure the KEI of the words is as high as possible.
  6. Translate the descriptions/names using google translate into as many languages as possible to drive traffic ( quality of the translation is not important right now - what matters is that you have now multiplied your keyword count)
  7. Submit your app to as many app stores as possible
  8. submit small updates every now and again (once every week/2 weeks)

result: currently earning 6-10$/day total from 3 apps which took a few weekends to make ( they had to ferment fist for around a month - they earned 0 or 0.05$ max per day, then they took off)


First thanks for the advices. I will correct the phrase, I’m improving my English haha. Talking about keywords, I tried to make the best research before writing my description. I used mainly sensor Tower and I’m ranking 9 for motor coordination keyword and below 50 for tricky and Avenue keywords. This are relatively low competition keywords, that’s the main reason I choosed them. I understand that my own business will require me time and my efforts to. When I talked about freedom I was thinking mainly about scape from the routine of the everyday work and getting a passive revenue (much higher than my actual revenue from regular work). Do you know Carter Thomas ( He is a great example of what reskin can brings in terms of revenue. Chad Mureta is another example. So, I think reskin can gradually become a great business for those who know how to administrate the things. I don’t expect to be a millionaire (I don’t think it’s impossible), but make a live from apps (reskins included) it’s perfectly reachable I think.
Do you think I can improve my keywords?


Thanks for the advices too. And congratulations for the results. It’s pretty nice. I will try to apply this in my business. Now that you have 3 apps, what are you going to do? Make more games, or spend your time making more marketing in the three you already have?
Another question, what ad networks are you using and what is your Monetization strategy? (just ads, ads + iap, etc)

Thank you guys.