Successful App Promotion Models: How to Start?

The best strategy is to deal with App Store Optimization, which is based on keywords and improvement of your app’s page.

[li] Videos. Make a short video presentation of your app, recording the best features you have to offer. In such a way, users will be able to see all the options without a need to download the app in advance.[/li][li] Use professional Android tools, which help to create and promote your app. They include Android groups and forums, Android websites with reviews, slack groups and much more![/li][li] Make people want to share information about your app. Word of mouth is a very powerful tool, as it is not considered an advertisement. Add fresh features or promotions to make users want to tell about your game to their family and friends;[/li][li] If you are sure that your game is ready to compete on the market, you need to consider app store optimization (ASO). Don’t forget to use keywords, which will make your app visible for searches and will greatly increase the organic traffic. Use MoPeak or CPI Mobi, which deals with ASO and masters various promoting tools. For example, their apps increase average rating to 4,6 stars on contrary to 3,6 before cooperation[/li][li] Learn various Growthacking strategies, which will help you to occupy solid market positions without wasting too much time[/li][/ul]

Basing on my experience, you need to choose a promotion instrument depending on the type of the application you have…

For example, if you are planning to launch a game on the iOS or Android market, you need to take into account ranking algorithms of the corresponding store, as they are different in certain situation.

If you want to enter the Google Play Market, you must take into account the following factors:

[b]Number of reviews[/b];
Number of installs;
Rate of retention.

Sure, it is obvious that App Store Optimization is crucial if you want to improve usability and discoverability of your app. Simply by adding relevant keywords, you can significantly improve ranks of your application in the search results.

Once you achieve an impressive amount of installs, your app will acquire better visibility and will attract additional amount of organic installs. KeenMoibi is season professional providers of organic traffic. For a reasonable price (only $0,09 per install) you will get real installs from multiple devices.

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The best option is considering social media app promotion

This include both paid and free methods: free would be to create app’s page on Facebook and share news, insighs and promo codes. Qoora, reddit and forums are perfect platforms to generate relevant audience and to share your app updates.
The good paid app promotion tutorial I’ve found here

As soon as you reach 50 000+ DAU, think about app monetization with data

Have as good ASO and SEO as possible. ASO is the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that give your app more visibility in search results. For good ASO use keywords that people frequently use when looking for an app like yours. Put them in the app description and possibly in the title. The description should contain all details about app and features. Also, provide 5 to 8 screenshots and 1 video tutorial that explain your app main features and all details.

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