Subtitle and Promotional Text in ASO optimization

  1. What is the subtitle and promotional text?


Below the title and the length is limited to 30 characters or less. A simple overview of your app. In the iTC background it is shown under the name.

Promotional Text:

In iTC background, it is a new section above the App description with only 170 words or less. The promotional text can include up-to-date information about the product, upcoming new features and content, time-limited promotions, or other product updates.

  1. What is the difference between the placement?


The new subtitle is displayed under the App name and will appear in the original “Developer Name” location after a few seconds. At the same time, it will appear directly under the App title when searching in iOS 11.

Promotional Text:


  1. Help for ASO optimization ?


After our tests, subtitles can add keyword overlays and have a high keyword weight bonus, which is a highly weighted metadata location. If the developers have some important keywords, you can consider filling in the subtitle.

Propaganda text:

Key words in the promotional text can not be overwritten yet.

However, both are helpful to the conversion rate of the app.

4,What is the difference in operation?


Apple recommends that developers do not include competing product names, inappropriate content, and the copy must be completely fluent when filling in subtitles … Subheadings are as strict as title audits.

Promotional text:

The previous description is subject to change at any time and will take effect within a few hours. And now the description can only be modified in the updated version of the App, but Apple at the top of the description to give a position that can be modified at any time. Promotional texts can be changed at any time without waiting for newer versions. Therefore, if your product description needs frequent changes, you can fill it in the promotional copy.

The described above is truly needed activity for making your pp discoverable in search result page and is regarded as part of ASO (App Store Optimization).

In few words Subtitles is termed as short description. This part of text ought to contain catchy and traffic weighted keywords to be in view of target user and be suggested in search result page according to keyword request.

Besides, it is also recommended to put the keyword in app’s title as this part and short description are playing the crucial part in keyword ranking and will affect the ultimate app’s success.

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Due to the lack of experience many people dealing with ASO prefer the most common search results.

But such approach is far from the most valuable things you should pay attention in ASO. Check out the list of criteria for keywords in the order of their significance:

Suitability – are you sure the chosen words describe your app? Does this word increase your app’s chances to being found and installed?

Competiveness – hardly you want to be in the search list on the position like #875. Such distant place will never be reached by the mobile users that is why you need to aimed on the top 10 search results. And your key selection must stimulate such growth.

Searches – only in case when the previous criteria are not the decisive ones, you can look for the search qualities of the words.

Every keyword has unique features considering the mentioned points above. So they need to be selected individually. And you also need to define what words will improve your ASO.

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