Subscribing to admob

Hey guys, so I just created a google account (not affiliated with adsense) and signed up to admob using this google account.I went through everything and I was able to go in the home of admob.where it says home, monetize, promote.but on the account settings I have yet to link my legacy account to my google account.and I cant login when im at have to sign in using some other method with my google account.idk what to do.

This ony happens at…when I go through it logins using googles info…is this normal? is the site for new admob. If you can access your account there, don’t worry about

If the problem is with linking your old admob account to your new admob account you need to login to the old admob and click the link to upgrade to the new admob. Then it will give you the choice to use your old adsense account or a new one. Specify your new account.

Why cant you login to your old admob account. You can switch which google account your logged into by clicking the arrow next to your profile icon (in gmail) and clicking “sign out”. Then sign into your old gmail account and try going to

Thanks that solved my problem