Strangely low eCPM with Leadbolt


I’ve started trying to monetize some of my apps and I have chosen Leadbolt.
But i’m having some doubts about the way they work, maybe someone with more experience could help me.

I’ve added a new app 15 days ago and made about $100, in the last days gave me an average ecpm of $2 sometimes $1.4 a few times even over $5.
I’ve was happy until today.

My app have an average impressions of 5k/day.
2 days ago I added a second app and this one alone has over 10k imps/day.

My numbers today are:
App | Imps | Clicks | eCPM | Revenue
app1 | 3k | 600 | $0.52 | $1.39
app2 | 10.5k | 2.2k | – | $4.43

I shoud have already made today about $30 but my revenue is only $5.82.
I am making less money than i would have made with only my first app that have only half of the impressions.

Is this normal?

Sorry for asking but I am trying to get some opinion before asking leadbolt.
Thank you in advance.

Nothing strange here. Everyone is expecting low revenue with Leadbolt. lol

Try other ad networks like Airpush / MObileCore/ Pollfish

Try more networks to find the best one for your Apps

I believe if you are a new publisher to that ad network in the beginning you will experience very good result.
After a while, that died down. Not sure the reason why but just guessing it could be the ad network has send enough ads to your apps user.
Now they are looking for “new” apps to show their ads to reach out to a bigger audience.
So unless your app is highly popular it will lose lustre.

What some developers get around is to re-skin or clone, make minor changes to existing and then create it as “new” app.
So some developers could have 100+ apps but if you spent time using their apps, the underlying functionalities are similar.
They only change graphics (v. important aspect) and sounds and other cosmetic changes.

Ad network has so many publishers so it is impossible to weed out such apps.
Hence sometimes smaller ad network maybe better if you truly offer apps that are different in functionalities between them.
But the downside to smaller ad network is they may not pay or close shop.

So as developers, we face our share of issues. Just like ad network face their own share of issues.

Just like an investment, you shouldn’t put your eggs in only one basket.

If you’d like to explore a new way to monetize your apps, you can try us out by signing up here.



What bothers me is that this is a new app.
As I said my first app was having 5k imps/day, and still has.
I added a new 3 days ago and this one is having 20k imps/day but the ecpm has dropped so much over one night that i am getting the same revenue.
Today I am getting $0.03 eCPM on the first app. I cant even believe that someone is paying 6 cents for 1000 impressions.
That was not gradual, happened over night. One day I was getting $12 with 5k impressions, other day I was getting $19 with 25k impressions.
I’ve tryed revmob before but the revenue is even lower, since I’m using AIR for android I dont have many alternatives.

Most networks if you are a new user they give you good eCPM but after that they start shaving revenue Leadbolt was good but then turn to very low eCPM you should always try to find new networks now I`m testing supersonicads and it gives me good eCPM about $3.94

Is that number for rewarded video/offerwall, non-rewarded interstitials or both?

Hi Ryan,

If you would like to know more about Supersonic and the great opportunities we can offer you- you can sign up [mm"]here]([q-q) and get a feel for it yourself. Supersonic offers interstitial ads, offerwalls, mobile video and video mediation- so you can try out different ways to promote and monetize your app. The eCPM for full banner interstitials is 3$ at the moment.

Also feel free to message me if you have any questions!

Kaburro, thank you for bringing this to our attention. Your Account Manager is reviewing the activity, and will connect with you very soon to discuss what’s happening and get the results back on track.

It`s for non-rewarded interstitial i still not test other ad units

Kaburro, will you please email the support team at [email protected]. This way they can work with you to find out what is going on and help you out. We hope to hear from you soon. Thanks again.

I’ve contacted your support on 29/03, the answer was vague but I’ll have to live with that.
I’ll follow your advice and I will do it again.